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Hi. I'm Katrina. I lived many years of my life chasing down each new strategy that promised better health or more contentment and happiness. I never seemed to give up hope, despite constantly having to seek out the next new thing. It wasn't until I recognized each of the "issues" in my body and life as gifts showing me the way to healing (versus problems that needs to be solved) that I began to find the peace with my spirit and freedom with my body I had been seeking all along. Health and well-being are inherent to each of us. We need only to uncover and heal that which is blocking us from it. The medicine we need is found within the truth of our own body.

Using my certification as a hypnotherapist, my master’s degree in nutrition, training in energetic healing, and over 25 years of experience in my yoga and meditation practice, I guide people to intuitively connect with their body, heal wounded parts that have created energetic and physical blocks, and reframe limiting beliefs to experience deep connection with the authentic self and peace in the body. 


Connect with your deepest truth and wisdom.

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Retreats and Events

Explore a multitude of ways you can connect more deeply with your intuitive nature and reconnect with your authentic self. Every event is a pointer back to your inner truth. From classes, to workshops and retreats. There is something for everyone! 

Explore your relationship with food and create transformations in your body and life by participating in group experiences. Whether a guided experience or a self-lead course, these processes have the power to create a profound shift in the way you relate to food.

Transform your relationship with your body and food forever. Release what is holding you back from feeling your best and discover how to nourish yourself on the plate and beyond to expand into your fullest health.

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A Daily Journey to a More Deeply Nourished You

21 Day Journey

Work with me to:

Have a relationship with your body that feels trusting and loving.

Heal limiting beliefs and energetic blocks.

Make decisions and choices that are guided by intuition over external messaging.