Soul-FULL Mission

Nourish and Be offers a unique approach to the wellness space. We believe that true wellness begins with a healthy relationship with your soul-self. That food provides an opportunity to have a spiritual connection multiple times a day.  That yoga and meditation are useful tools to healthily engage with your Spirit.  Your inner wisdom is a very insightful guide when given the invitation. We help you open that door.

Unwavering Support

When you become a part of the Nourish and Be Circle, you make a choice to move away from the noise. You will begin to gain a greater sense of trust in your body while living in harmony with all of the beautiful pieces of you.

We offer private and group work that integrates spiritual wisdom with the science of Nutrition. We also create space with community events that encourage an expansion of the collective mind. 

Going Beyond

The connection each one of us has with Self is reflective of the connection we have with the Earth. Our mission encompasses individual needs, community efforts, and global concerns.