M O O N  C O L L E C T I V E 







Welcome to this beautiful community. I am so happy and honored you decided to join in this gathering to celebrate and honor the rhythm of the Moon. Each Moon phase offers a treasure to be discovered within our inner world. Having a sacred gathering of women to safely explore these gems makes them truly shine. This group is better with your light as part of it.


Winter Moon Schedule

New Moon 12/14

(Live Meditation 12/20 - Opening ceremony)

Full Moon 12/29

(Live Meditation 1/3)

New Moon 1/12

(Live Meditation 1/10)

Full Moon 1/28

(Live Meditation 1/31)

New Moon 2/11

(Live Meditation 2/14)

Full Moon 2/27

(Live Meditation 2/28 - Closing ceremony)

You can expect an email with the Moon explanation, yoga class, and journal prompts the night before each New and Full Moon.

The Sunday following each New and Full Moon, you will receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting for the live meditations. Each meditation will be 45 minutes, with the exception of the hour long opening and closing ceremonies

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