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Private Sessions
Thank you for your interest in working with me! Below you will find several options, but I am also happy to individualize a plan that fits your specific needs. Contact me today for a FREE 20 minute call!
Private Sessions with Katrina
True Health Alignment

Are you stuck in eating and self-care cycles that exhaust you? Do you wish for a healthier relationship with food and your body? Take this journey to align with your wisest self and discover your true health. A true combination of nutrition and energetic work.

This is a 6 month journey through which we will work with the tactile realities of food, while getting to the heart of your relationship with food. By aligning with your inner truth, you will feel empowered to guide 


​​Do you suffer from inconsistent digestion or experience gas, bloating, or heartburn? Do you you have unexplained physical symptoms that could be coming from an unexplained food sensitivity? Get to the bottom of your discomfort and heal your gut. 

One Stop Assessment

Are you curious how your diet stacks up? Maybe you feel okay, but have a nagging suspicion that you could feel even better? This one-stop assessment will leave you with a clear picture what you are doing well and how to take action where needed!