Meal Planning

Like anything, meal planning becomes easier and more efficient once you get the hang of it. Let us help you find your groove and compile some great ideas along the way!

This offering is for you if you feel overwhelmed by putting meals together each week. If the grocery store feels like a headache and you stand, staring at the refrigerator each evening wondering what to make, despite its fullness, this service is ideal for you! Knowing what food to buy and how to make it frees up time for you to spend doing the things you love. 

What you gain from this offering: 

  • Serene evenings with no frazzle around food. Imagine moving into the evening with confidence, feeling inspired about the creation you will easily put together

  • Less time at the grocery store. When you have a plan, you can get what you need for an entire week, freeing you of more regular trips to the grocery store

  • More variety! Climb out of eating ruts and add more assortment to your weekly repertoire

  • Take meal planning of your to-do list!

This meal planning service is meant to be a way to learn an easy meal planning method, in addition to giving you helpful tools, ideas, and recipes. What you get when you purchase this service:

  • Online form to provide all the information needed to personalize a meal plan just for you and your family

  • Template, personalized for you, to make meal planning easy and efficient following this service

  • 4 week meal plan, designed specifically for you, including your choice of week day meals

  • Grocery list and recipe links to accompany each week

  • Suggested prep schedule to optimize time and food use through each week

  • Access to a Nutritionist (via phone or email) with any questions regarding the plan, meals, or recipes for the duration of the 4 week period

  • Option to add an additional 4 week plan for a discounted price 

Level up on meal planning today! Cost for everything above - $169 (dinners only), $189 (all meals)

Get started with the online form first by clicking here!

(Meal plan will be ready for you 7-10 days after payment is received.)

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