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M O O N  C O L L E C T I V E

The moon doesn't consider one phase better than another; she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different? -

Cristen Rodgers

Would you like to have more rhythm and less routine in your life?


Are you craving connection with something bigger than yourself?


Would you like to claim a sense of steadiness, while gathering to share sacred space with others? 

Regardless of how out of sorts life can feel, nature does not skip a beat. From season to season and moon phase to moon phase, the M O O N  C O L L E C T I V E  will help you draw into deeper connection with the ever-lasting rhythm of nature.


In this group, we will connect with the cycle of the moon and the seasons using meditation, yoga, journaling, and discussion to draw us closer to our

authentic inner rhythm.

Each group will coincide with a season and draw upon nature's offerings during that time, allowing you to sync up with all of life. Through this collective journey, you will have the space and tools to tune into the needs of your soul through intuitive internal connection.

Each Collective covers the span of one season and three Full Moons. Gatherings will be held on the evening of each Full Moon and include the following:

A gift set, including a ritual item you can use for each Moon Ceremony
A 90 minute gathering on each Full Moon, including:
  • 20-30 minutes of Gentle Moon Yoga 

  • Meditation

  • Guided Journaling with prompts

  • Moon Ritual

  • Discussion  

  • Recording sent the following day

Spring Collective Dates are the following:
  • Sunday, March 28th
  • Monday, April 26th
  • Wednesday, May 26th (eclipse!)
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