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Your Sensitivity Is a Superpower

Updated: Feb 6

"Stop being so sensitive."

If, like me, and so many of my clients, you have heard this before, you may have consciously (and unconsciously) devised ways to decrease or limit your sensitivity.

And, in doing so, things may have seemed easier. In a world that rewards resilience, dulling our senses is highly reinforced.

Blunting our senses may make life feel more navigable, but numbing sensory input comes with a high cost.

Our senses are a GIFT.

They are how we receive.. Through our senses, we perceive the information that ignites our intuition and helps us to lead from our inner wisdom. We feel the truth of all this life has to offer. We gather all that is available to us.

When we mute our sensitivity, we dull our capacity to respond to stimulation. We receive less vibrational input through conscious awareness. This stimulation (vibrational input) is what becomes the energy we give in this world. Since we can only give what we receive, dulling our sensitivity also dulls the energy we have to offer... whether that be in the form of artistic expression, empathy, love, compassion, optimism, or anything else.

We limit the offering when we limit our senses.

Reawaken your senses to their fullest ability! Learn how to, once again, lean into them, open to them, receive the awareness being offered from life.

Ways to do this?

  • Awareness: Notice any inclination to numb. Become aware of when and how you block input from your senses. Awareness, alone, will begin to create a shift.

  • Acceptance: Acknowledge the ways you are sensitive as a gift and accept how it feels to you. Perceive it as a strength.

  • Navigate: Cultivate ways to move the energy received through you. Feeling empowered to work with the sensory input will shift your ability to receive it. Mindfulness practices and energy techniques can greatly assist with this.

  • Boundaries: Practiced resilience may have left you exposed to sensory input you do not wish to (or need to) receive. Hone what you want to expose yourself to that is within your control.

  • Nature. Create space for sensory input that is nourishing, such as natural environments.

  • Support. Seek companionship that accepts all of you and invites vulnerability. Consider working with an energy healer for assistance.

I am here to provide support to learn how to work with the input and nourish any healing needed to create more ease and peace.

Reach out and let's chat!

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