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Your Vision of Truth

Photo taken on the coast of Nusa Ceningan in Indonesia

A popular quote to share for the new year is Albert Einstein's "If you want different results, do not do the same things," which focuses solely on the results and suggests that we have repeatedly done the "wrong" thing.

Perhaps more interesting is considering the idea that something that was "right" before may have indeed been perfect for us at that time, but that isn't to say that it is still (or ever will be again) the best thing for us.

Our bodies, like the rest of nature, are ever-evolving. The way my body needed me to take care of it a year ago may look very different than how it needs me to take care of it today. My dreams from a year ago may look very different given the changed person I am today. The achieved destination, as with most things, may not actually be as important as the journey that got us there... and then landed us in a place from which to make the next best decision for ourselves.

This week holds the first New Moon of the year. With it comes an invitation to set our intentions for the year. To ask ourselves to look forward and really envision what it is we really want as we step into the energy of new.

So often clients tell me that they are going to just return to a plan they previously used for their health because it worked so well for them before. Always, my challenge to that is to not just return to what was once known, but to seek understanding about what is really needed now.

Instead of returning to "what worked before"...

- How can you tune into your body to really understand what it needs?

- How do you attune to these needs in the most sustainable and compassionate ways?

- Are these needs rooted in a depth-filled soul vision for yourself or are they an illusive version of something your ego thinks it needs?

With honor for the invitation to open to a new vision for yourself, take the time needed to get in touch with answers to the questions above.

All of my offerings are meant to guide you towards this deeper knowing.

In addition to private consultations, I am currently offering...

Restore You

This 5 day mimicked fast is the perfect way to hit the reset button and realign with your body and mind. Based in over 30 years of scientific research, this "fast" is shown to rejuvenate your body at a cellular level. Some of the benefits that can be expected are improved inflammatory markers, improved cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure and blood sugar, decreased waist circumference... just to name a few! The body literally does a purge of old and damaged cells then replaces them with new, fresh stem cells! That coupled with my mindfulness program brings you back to center and better able to "listen" within to the needs of your soul. Groups meet beginning the first Sunday of every month. Become a member today and join the next group!

True Nature Retreat

After having to cancel this last year, we are excited to announce that IT IS BACK ON! I am co-hosting this retreat with Andrew Marshall, a wise spiritual teacher and your favorite sound bowl musician. This retreat will be at the Tipi Village Retreat outside of Eugene, Oregon. Being a nature-based retreat, we are easily able to take the necessary precautions to fully respect the Covid-19 virus that is still a major player in our lives. This will be a wonderful way to (safely) share space with community and connect with your inner nature through intentional time spent in the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Stay tuned for more info, but reserve the weekend of July 23rd-25th!

Moon Collective

Winter Moon Collective is in full swing! Every New and Full Moon, we gather and connect with the rhythm of the feminine. These groups have been such a magical way to feel into the Moon energy while sharing space with like-minded souls. Spring Moon Collective begins March 14th! Sign up today to reserve your place!

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