Hi! I’m Katrina. As an Integrative Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and energy worker, I am passionate about bringing the science of nutrition together with the energy of yoga. Often times the “what” to eat is less important than most people think. In our work together, we don’t stop at figuring out the perfect diet and supplements for you, we go further to transform your relationship with food and cultivate an intuitive connection between mind and body.


When I entered my Master’s degree program in human dietetics with a yoga teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree in World Arts and Cultures, I was a far cry from what most would consider a “science” student. BUT, my background in movement, mindfulness, and human connection has made wonderful roots from which to grow a Nutrition practice. 


My unconventional practice does not mean we will be doing pretzels instead of eating them. It just means that I bring an extra set of tools to the table. In over a decade of running this business, I have found that the most profound shifts occur for people when we talk about more than just food. After all, true health is about so much more than just what we eat. 


Working together, you will find yourself more at home in your body and mind than ever before. You will be free to ditch the confines of any future diet strategy because you will intuitively know what you need.