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When I entered my Master’s degree program in human dietetics with a yoga teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree in World Arts and Cultures, I was a far cry from what most would consider a “science” student. BUT, my background in movement, mindfulness, and human connection has made wonderful roots from which to grow a practice designed to build real and lasting health.

After years of teaching yoga and being a Nutritionist, always feeling like I could be doing more, I went on to complete a certification with Cyndi Dale in energy healing and become a Certified Hypnotherapist through The Wellness Institute. With these tools, I am able to move beyond the physical functions and movement of the body to help people make a profound shift for every level of their being. 

I believe that the healing each of us needs lies within ourselves. I simply provide guidance to unlock the beautiful medicine each of us already holds.

Whether we are healing your relationship with food and body through nutrition strategies and energy work or exploring the needs of the wounded self in hypnosis, you are empowered to walk the unique healing journey perfectly designed for you.


Using movement, meditation, hypnotherapy, and energy healing, our work together will help you more deeply connect with your inner truth, clear blocks that prevent you from living vibrantly and ultimately find a deeper experience of health that is full of joy. 

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