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Woman Buying Vegetables

21 Day Journey

A Daily Journey to a More Deeply Nourished You

Do you regularly feel confused about what to eat and how to more meaningfully listen to the needs of your body? 

Would you like to...

More deeply understand the basic elements of nutrition?

Strengthen your relationship with your body?

Feel empowered to trust your choices with food?

This 21 day journey is a collection of information that I have found almost every client needs to hear after more than a decade of private sessions.

For just $21, you get 21 days...

"It's shocking how much 21 days worth of simple concepts about nutrition could shift my connection with food so much. I truly see it differently now."

- Dana N. Seattle, WA

A new concept delivered to your inbox each morning.

A simple integration practice for the day.

A downloadable PDF of all the concepts in one place.

A beautiful quote to solidify each day's idea.

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