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Work with Me
Nourish the flow of energy through ALL parts of you.

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This method was born out of years of guiding people to find the most personalized and sustainable ways to nourish all parts of themselves. It is full of self-discovery and sacredly honoring the truth of your being.

Based on the 4 R's, this method will take you on a journey to REVEAL the truth of your needs, RECLAIM your most vibrant self, RELEASE what is getting in the way, and REVEL in nourishment for the whole of your being.

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A guided year-long journey that will nourish the whole of your being through individual and group energy healing. As energy moves and flows within the sacred container, you will feel your ignited inner light fanned with the love and support from your fellow sisters, inviting the brilliance of your soul to shine and help light up the world. 

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A 12-week integrative nutrition program to establish a deeper connection with your intuition while unraveling externalized ideas of how your body should be so that you can engage with food and eating in a way that feels simple and truly nourishing. 

This 21 day journey is a collection of information that I have found almost every client needs to hear after more than a decade of private sessions. ​


For just $21, you get 21 days, including:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

-  New concept delivered to your inbox each morning.

-  Simple integration practice for the day.

-  Downloadable PDF of all the concepts in one place.

-  Beautiful quote to solidify each day's idea.

Through Restore You, a 5 day mimicked fast coupled with a mindfulness program, your body is able to regenerate on a cellular level to reduce inflammatory markers, replace old and damaged cells with fresh stem cells, perform a metabolic reset, and establish new habits and mindsets in relationship to food and eating.


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Making the decision to heal energetic wounds and release unwanted patterns has a ripple effect that will benefit every area of your life. By letting the subconscious mind guide the way, we avoid having to dissect the many life stories and are able to get right to the heart of the matter and create healing. Being a Heart-centered Hypnotherapist™ and Energy Healer, coupled with over 25 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation, I help guide you to true freedom

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