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Inner Circle

When you step into a sacred circle, the light of your soul is called to shine in a whole new way. There is no dimming to fit in. The truth of who you are is invited FULLY and the radiant light within is amplified. Choosing to join the INNER CIRCLE  is to open your heart to the energy of magic.

This guided year-long journey will nourish the whole of your being through individual and group energy healing. As energy moves and flows within the sacred container, you will feel your ignited inner light fanned with the love and support from your fellow sisters, inviting the brilliance of your soul to shine and help light up the world


A sacred circle to support and nourish every part of you in a way that elevates your spirit to its highest calling.


Years of sitting with women in sacred circles has culminated in the recognition that the power held in these containers is a tranformative gift, both for ourselves and for the world. The deep nourishment received as we journey into soul-inspired healing, cultivates our most vibrant self to show to the world. In this way, our energy begins to shape the future of our planet, holding space for the most beautiful possibilities. 

In this circle, you will: 
Feel held in a sacred circle of like-minded women.
Dive into the truths of your soul.
Get up close and personal with your energy field, feeling empowered to navigate and nourish, as needed.
Receive unparalleled support.
Gain clarity on your purpose in this life and how you can show up in the most meaningful way. 
Feel empowered to make the BIG moves that help you claim the life you most desire.

Joining the Inner Circle is like stepping into a sanctuary of sisterhood, support, and soulful growth. With the option to have two personalized 1:1 energy sessions each month, you'll receive tailored guidance to illuminate your path and nurture your inner radiance. Through two sacred circles via Zoom, you'll connect deeply with like-minded women, sharing wisdom, experiences, and support. Our group Voxer channel keeps the conversation flowing between sessions, providing ongoing support and inspiration. Each month, you'll immerse yourself in integration offerings like sacred ceremonies and journal prompts to deepen your practice and nourish your soul. Plus, exclusive discounts and complimentary access to virtual group programs ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need to thrive on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's time to shine brightly, embrace your authenticity, and step into your most radiant self.

Program includes:​
Personalized Support: Receive two 1:1 energy sessions per month tailored to your individual needs, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Community Connection: Engage in two sacred circles via Zoom every month, featuring meditation, teaching, discussion, and soulful sharing with like-minded women.

Continuous Support: Stay connected and supported between sessions through ongoing conversation in our dedicated group Voxer channel, fostering deep connections and meaningful exchanges.
Monthly Integration: Immerse yourself in monthly integration offerings including sacred ceremonies, empowering mantras, and insightful journal prompts to deepen your practice and integrate your experiences.
Welcome and Surprises: Receive a heartfelt welcome gift upon joining, along with several delightful surprises throughout the year to uplift and inspire you on your journey.
Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a 50% discount on any individual offering (excluding non-Inner Circle retreats), plus complimentary access to virtual group programs, making holistic wellness more accessible and affordable.
Retreats: Take advantage of two weekend retreats (travel and lodging not included) for immersive experiences of growth, connection, and renewal.
  • Seek deep connection and soulful community support.

  • Long to tap into their inherent gifts and consciously share them with others.

  • Want to break free from limiting patterns. 

  • Crave personalized guidance on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Feel isolated or lonely on their spiritual journey and desire community.

  • Are stuck or stagnant in their personal or spiritual growth and yearn for clarity and direction.

  • Are experiencing overwhelm and burnout.

  • Are interested in deepening their understanding of energy systems and learning how to actively work with them.

  • Feel committed to living authentically, feeling peace, freedom, and empowerment in every aspect of life.


What People Are Saying About Circles With Katrina

"I feel recharged, renewed and a greater sinking in to being me. The true authentic me, not the me that is defined by what I do. Ready to radiate this love and light out to all, but first and foremost to continue nurturing that light within. Take time for you. Invest in you. You are worthy. You will return home an even better version of you, an even more loving and present mom, wife, sister, daughter. Deep gratitude to Nourish and Be. Thank you for your vision and your open heart that poured into us."

Amy L.                                     

“I feel more in flow and more in touch with my true rhythm. I am better able to take care of myself, as a whole, as a result of this circle.”

Anne S.                                     

"I don't know how to put into words the experience I was part of... It was life changing, one of the best weeks of my life. What a magical group of women. Thank you for taking us on one the most beautiful incredible journeys.”

Lori G.                                     

Katrina held beautiful space. The gathering allowed me the opportunity to remember what we all are truly in our authentic nature of self, with others, and with nature - Love. Throughout the experience, I received numerous poetic messages from the Universe “the little moments are where curiosity and joy can be found.”  I am grateful and look forward to more! 

- Melissa G.


2 Payment Options

Group Only


Group + 2x/month 1:1 Sessions

Daily access to Katrina via voxer chat

2 Zoom Calls each month with guided meditation and discussion

Themed months with recordings, practice guides, and more!

Welcome gifts and surprises throughout

Group support and discussion ongoing

Two weekend retreats

BONUS Access to every virtual program for 12 months

BONUS Discounts on 1:1 offerings


For a limited time you will get a 90 Minute Nourished Code Session with Katrina to reveal your current energy flow and map your nourishment needs.


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