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Restore You

Regenerate the body and mind.




What if you could...

Clean the body on a cellular level?

Regenerate the body with new stem cells?

Restore connection to your true inner wisdom?

You can.

Welcome to...


Through Restore You, a 5 day mimicked fast coupled with a mindfulness program, your body is able to regenerate on a cellular level to reduce inflammatory markers, replace old and damaged cells with fresh stem cells, and perform a metabolic reset. My program relies on Dr. Longo's 30+ year research in the field of fasting, along with my over 25 years of yoga and meditation training.


" The Restore You program puts the benefits of fasting within reach. This program takes into account not only the amazing physical healing that takes place with a multi-day fast, but considers the whole person working to simultaneously tap into your spiritual and emotional well-being."  - Megan, Lake Oswego, OR

How it goes

For 5 days, you fast with food. What this means is that you eat a very specific amount and make-up of food to keep your body in a fasting state. The first day transitions you into the fasting state, in which you stay for the following 4 days. On the 6th day, you consciously shift back into "normal" eating. This reset invites perspective as to what "normal" is and creates space to shift previous habits. 

The accompanying mindfulness program provides guidance for a healthy mindset and invites a greater awareness to develop between mind and body.

How it works...