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Restore You

Regenerate the body and mind.




What if you could...

Clean the body on a cellular level?

Regenerate the body with new stem cells?

Restore connection to your true inner wisdom?

You can.

Welcome to...


Through Restore You, a 5 day mimicked fast coupled with a mindfulness program, your body is able to regenerate on a cellular level to reduce inflammatory markers, replace old and damaged cells with fresh stem cells, and perform a metabolic reset. My program relies on Dr. Longo's 30+ year research in the field of fasting, along with my over 25 years of yoga and meditation training.


" The Restore You program puts the benefits of fasting within reach. This program takes into account not only the amazing physical healing that takes place with a multi-day fast, but considers the whole person working to simultaneously tap into your spiritual and emotional well-being."  - Megan, Lake Oswego, OR

How it goes

For 5 days, you fast with food. What this means is that you eat a very specific amount and make-up of food to keep your body in a fasting state. The first day transitions you into the fasting state, in which you stay for the following 4 days. On the 6th day, you consciously shift back into "normal" eating. This reset invites perspective as to what "normal" is and creates space to shift previous habits. 

The accompanying mindfulness program provides guidance for a healthy mindset and invites a greater awareness to develop between mind and body.

How it works...

The fasting state signals your body to preserve energy by cleaning house, inducing a process called autophagy. This process identifies old and damaged cells throughout the body, then purges them. Recognizing that it is not actually starving, the body then is flooded with stem cells to replace the ones that were cleared out. This incredibly healing process targets the areas of your body that are most in need.

What You Eat

You have two choices. With either option, all food is vegan, dairy, and gluten free.

1. Prolon Box* - This option is simple and easy. A box will arrive at your doorstep that includes all the food and supplements you will need. It mostly consists of dried soups, bars, olives, and crackers. 

2. DIY Menu - My DIY menu allows you to more deeply connect with the food you eat and is more cost effective. There are several menus to select from, with additional menus added each season. You will construct your week's menu from the provided recipes, grocery shop, and prep prior to beginning. 

*Purchasing the Prolon box through my website grants you greater options and either matched or deeper discounts. The box comes directly from Prolon.

What I truly enjoyed about Restore You was the mindfulness component.  I loved the journaling, meditations and daily mantras.  All of the mindfulness practices helped me stay focused on gratitude and abundance instead of the feeling of going without the usual amount of food.  Since completing Restore You, I have felt better than ever before! It will definitely be a new part of my quarterly self care routine!! -- Kari, Eugene OR

The Mindfulness Piece

Historically, fasting was used as a way to connect with your highest self or to deepen you spiritual connection. Restore You helps you to find access to your version of this by using mindfulness tools, meditation, mantras, journal prompts, yoga, and more. With the tools provided on a daily basis, you will find a deep mind-body connection​ that will greater insight to the needs of your body and clarity about how you want to move forward with your health.

Group Connection

When you become a part of Restore You, whether for a season or a lifetime, you are invited into a supportive community of fellow fasters. You will be added to a Facebook Group in which you will fast alongside other people. In addition to the daily fasting and mindfulness guidance provided, group members share their experience with each other along the way making it a far richer experience, not to mention a lot more fun!

Really? Another Diet?

Trust me, I run as fast away from a diet as you do. That being said, the science behind this is real and the process is effective. On top of, incredibly, being able to reverse aging and hit the metabolic reset button, it is a wonderful way to interrupt old habits and create new healthier ones. We regularly live in a state of fullness. Turning to emptiness for a period helps return us to a rhythm exists in all of life. This is different than specific way of eating to which you are meant to adhere.

I highly recommend Katrina's Restore You program. It's the perfect blend of an effective evidence-based fasting practice along with a deeper, spiritual exploration of your relationship to food. The daily check-ins, meditation and group support are key and the DIY meals are absolutely delicious! Restore You is my go to referral for a safe and supported fasting practice to address a variety of health conditions.

- Ryah Nabielski, MSN, RDN, LN

Functional Nutritionist in Boulder, CO

How Often?

It is recommended to start by doing the fast 1x/month for 3 consecutive months. The researched benefits were reached after completion of 3 cycles, then maintained by performing the fast 2x/year. The more you move through the fast, the more efficient your body gets at the process. Deciding how how many cycles and how often is highly individual. To make a personalized plan, schedule a free 20 minute consult here.

During the program I never felt alone.  Katrina's daily mindset offerings, motivations and meditations helped me appreciate everything I was doing for my body.  What surprised me was the impact of the mindfulness that went with each step of this journey. It made me find peace and appreciation for slowing down, breathing and really paying attention to my needs.  Giving myself permission to take a break was very empowering. I am so thankful for this experience and look forward to keeping this program as a regular part of my life.

- Michelle Hamilton, Oncology RN, Seattle WA

Sign Up Today

When you sign up to become a member of Restore You, you get ongoing access for the lifetime of the program. This means that you will be able to login and enjoy the mindfulness elements, group support, and 

DIY menus as often as you desire! Having access to the DIY menus gives you the option, each time you fast, to use the Prolon box or make your own food. You get to decide which one is right for you for that period in your life. 

Join today and never fast again without the supportive elements to make it a rejuvenative experience for both your body and your mind.

Downloadable PDF based on DIY or Prolon

  • Fasting Instructions and Tips

  • Daily Mindset Reading

  • Daily Mantra

  • Journal Prompts


  • Daily Audio Meditation

  • Transition Day Instructions with Recipes

  • 20 Minute Follow-up Session with Nutritionist

“ Restore You and the ProLon program were the perfect fit for me. The combination of mindful eating and daily journey and meditation is the best way to reset the mind and the body."   - Jennifer, Lake Oswego OR

Benefits after 5 days of Restore You

Fasting Mimicking Diet

  • Decrease Weight and Body Fat*

  • Stem Cell Generation

  • Maintain Glucose at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain CRP at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Triglycerides at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Blood Pressure at Healthy Levels*

  • Maintain Lean Body Mass

  • Impact in IGF-1 (Aging Marker)*

  • Maintain Insulin Resistance at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Cholesterol at Healthy Levels

  • Decrease Visceral Fat

Mindfullness Practice

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Enhanced Relationships

  • Better Focus and Cognitive Flexibility

  • Increased Immune Function

  • Lowered Blood Pressure 

  • Lowered Heart Rate

  • Effective Habit Change

  • Lowered Anxiety Levels

  • Enhanced Listening Skills

  • Deeper Spiritual Life

  • Healthier Relationship with Body

  • Increased Goal Achievement 


FMD + Mindfulness = Restore You

5 Days to a complete reset of body and mind

Rock Maze

Restore You is not for you if:

  • BMI is less than 18.  (BMI calculator)

  • Nursing or pregnant.

  • History of eating disorder (contact me for more guidance).

  • Fever, cough, diarrhea, or signs of an active infection

  • Under the age of 18 or over the age of 70

  • Diagnosed medical condition especially includes diabetes (types 1 or 2), cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, or any history of fainting.

  • Food allergies may be preventative. Reach out to discuss personal needs further.

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