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The Sacred Art of Eating

Make peace with your body and food forever.

Next Session Begins September!



There was a time when I didn't know how to trust my body. 

Like many girls who grew up in the '80s, I was taught to fear what would happen to my body as I aged. Women all around me were constantly disgusted with their figures, pouring time and money into any new way to lose weight and shape up!

While I specifically remember being a very young girl and thinking it was absurd that these women I loved thought so poorly about themselves, I, too, boarded the roller coaster as I entered my teen years. Something that should be very natural, like listening to the needs of my body and nourishing it well, became muddled and wrought with frustration.

Through discovering a very embodied form of yoga and diving into a soul-filled journey of self-discovery, I was able to unlearn negative ways of relating to my body and find a new relationship with what it means to intuitively nourish from a place of wisdom and truth.

Over the years, I have helped countless people reclaim their connection with this inner truth and learn how to trust what their body needs over anything else. In this work, I have noticed threads of wisdom that we all seem to share.

I've taken these threads and distilled them into this program.

Not one person needs another diet strategy or to be told what to eat.


What we all need is to fall back into trust in our body. Something we once knew well. Something that is our birthright.

This journey guides you to the very best Nutritionist there is... the one that resides within you.



Gain peace with food forever.

Build intuitive eating skills.

Release old habits and patterns.

Learn how to work with your energy field in relation to how you eat.

Understand and unwind binging, cravings, and eating under stress.

Navigate the realities of nourishing youself (and a family!)

Get organized with food and learn skills to make food more delicious.

Make eating peaceful and stress-free.

Build a more authentic connection with your body.


Image by Mariana Medvedeva

5 Week Supportive Journey

5 Video Classes (weekly)

Weekly Meditations

Integration Practices and Exercises (for each module)

Guest Video Bonus (weekly)

Voxer Group Chat


I'm here to help you regain connection with your intuitive knowing, heal energetic blocks and limited beliefs, and find find peace with your body.


Using my certifications as an energy healer and hypnotherapist, my master’s degree in nutrition, and over 25 years of experience in my yoga and meditation practice, I guide people to intuitively connect with their body, heal wounded parts that have created energetic and physical blocks, and experience deep connection with how to best nourish their authentic self.

Katrina McGiffin MSN, CYT 

With Special Guests...


Emily Athena

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Emily Athena is a somatic sex educator, coach, and the founder of EroSpark Movement, somatic sensual movement to ignite your aliveness. Drawing on her extensive background in dance, somatics, and comprehensive sex education, she supports people to release stress and shame, rediscover pleasure, and confidently embody their unique erotic essence.

Eva Cristina.jpeg

Cristina Calderon

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Understanding humans and our potential has always inspired my curiosity and has been my life long passion. Experiencing a tumultuous divorce in 2015 led me to go even deeper into my pursuit of understanding human emotions at all levels of highs and lows. In this endless pursuit I have uncovered some deep truths that have helped me heal, understand and cultivate great compassion.

Along my journey I have trained and practiced unceasingly, using tools that range from the scientific to the mystical, finding fascinating evidence of positive results in myself as in my clients. I am a Heartmath Certified coach and I complement my coaching practice with the EFT method, Reiki, energy physiology combined with muscle testing.


Scarlet Ravin

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As a Spiritual Catalyst for Evolution, Scarlet Ravin has been traveling the world for over 20 years studying with many different teachers from all walks of life.  Her inner drive to Enlightenment has shed Light on many topics helpings others heal themselves and find Harmony in their Life.  As an International Best Selling author, and founder of White Fox Medicinals, Scarlet now resides on an expansive Horse Ranch guiding others through Earth Medicine, Star Filled Alchemical Formulas and teaching via an online School "Curandera Eyes" and "Psilocybin Medicine."


Michelle Urban

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Meet Michelle Urban. Based in Portland, Oregon, she's a professional home organizer and the owner of The Organized House. With a knack for turning chaos into order, she helps you save time, reduce costs, and regain control of your space. Check out her Instagram for organizing tips, product recommendations, and endless inspiration. Dive into the world of home organization at


Bridget Boland

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Through her business Modern Muse for Writers, Ms. Boland teaches writing classes on fiction and memoir, coaches other writers in creative nonfiction, fiction and business writing, and offers seminars on yoga, energetic medicine, and writing as life process tools. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a JD from Loyola University of Chicago, and is the recipient of five residencies at The Ragdale Foundation for Writers and Artists and a grant from the Illinois Arts Council. She is also a shaman and an attorney.

Realities of Food — Essentials for Effortless Well-Being

Navigate the tactical realities of food with helpful strategies for meal planning, procuring food, managing schedules, food prep, and cooking essentials. Step into a more empowered relationship with food. 

Experience Modules


Coming Home to Your Body: Make Peace and Feel Embodied

Reclaim the truth of your body to engage with food and wellness from  a place of wholeness and positivity. Develop a more honest and loving experience with your body.


Rhythms of Being — Synchronizing With the Natural Flow of Life

Come into conscious integration with the guiding rhythms of life to discover more ease and fluidity overall. 


Nourishing Beyond the Physical: Harmonizing Your Energetic Field

Tap into your energetic field to hone in on the bigger picture of what you really need for more thorough nourishment. Learn to better receive with joy and pleasure, curb cravings, shift limiting beliefs and patterns, navigate the energy of weight, and release unnecessary feelings of guilt or shame, all while discovering how to eat in a way that powers up your energetic field! 



Honoring Thyself: Claiming the Ultimate Nourished You

Embracing radical acceptance for the flow of life and manifesting a new vision of the ultimately nourished version of YOU!

Ready To Join?

Become a part of this transformational 6 week container for: $789 (Early bird coupon "SACRED24" to save $100 through  8/25).

OR, upgrade to include two private sessions with Katrina: $1234 

Program begins this September. Materials are delivered via weekly email.

When I first started on this journey, I knew deep down that I needed to make some changes. I tried making small adjustments here and there, but they never seemed to stick. I would have moments of motivation and glimpses of what I wanted, but they never lasted. I couldn't figure out why until I joined Katrina’s “Sacred Art of Eating” group coaching program.


Being part of this program has opened my eyes to a whole new way of being. I've come to realize that although I thought I was, I wasn't fully present or mindful of myself in my relationships with my body & food. I've learned how to stay grounded and centered, making decisions for my body from a place of physical awareness and care. It's not only about the mental or spiritual aspect anymore, but truly nourishing my physical self from within.


The transformation I've experienced has been profound. I've learned how to stay connected to my body throughout the day, allowing me to take intentional actions that bring me closer to my goals. It's been a game-changer.


To anyone considering joining in the future, I can't recommend it enough. We've all tried countless ways to heal our bodies and our relationships with food. This program will guide you in understanding how to be present in your physical body, so you can nourish it with rhythm, movement, clean energy, healthy foods, and most importantly, a lot of healing and self-love. Don't hesitate to embark on this transformative journey with Katrina and the beautiful container of women she has gifted to the world.


Brett G. - Lake Oswego, OR                                      

"The Sacred Art of Eating was about so much more than just eating. I am leaving this course feeling the support of all the women who participated and with a much deeper understanding of how to nourish my whole self. Throughout this course I’ve felt a shift into more embodied living and I feel more in tune with the flow of my own rhythm. Katrina was such a wonderful guide, teacher and support. Anyone would benefit from taking this course!"


Amy L. - Seattle, WA                                      

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