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Food is one of many forms of energetic exchange in our life.  


By healing our relationship with food and our body, we are more empowered to live fully and more authentically with the rest of life.

We are free to be. 



I'm a nutritionist, but I'm not here to tell you what to eat. 

I'm here to help you remember your truth, to feel comfort and freedom in your body, and to help you, step more fully into the joy of living.

True nourishment is not limited to food. It extends to all forms of energy we can receive that has the capacity to be nourishing to mind, body, and soul. 


Discover your path to healing with me today.

“I've been working through an Intuitive Nutrition package with Katrina and it's been unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Her approach to nutrition is amazing. She takes a very spiritual connection with food and the rhythm of nature and the seasons. She has helped me change my relationship with food on a deeply spiritual level.


In working with her, I've been able to make meaningful changes. And I'm looking forward to continuing and learning to integrate everything more deeply. I appreciate Katrina's beautiful energy and nurturing attention so much. I highly recommend working with her!”

Jenelle W.

Reconnect with your TRUTH today.

First Intro to how to work with me

Private Sessions

Making the decision to better align with needs of your body will create a more fulfilling life. Not unlike any other being in nature, our health is dependent on the environment in which we live and on how we are nourished. With over 25 years of experienced teaching yoga and meditation, along with the knowledge from earning a master's degree in Human Nutrition, I help you design a life that optimizes your health so you can feel joyfully alive.

Step 1

The first step to working together is to book a free 20 minute call, in which I can answer all of your questions and detail what it is like to work with me.

Step 2

Purchase the Nourishment Package that is right for you and complete all intake forms and requested lab data.

Step 3

Our first session will include a detailed review of the personalized protocol I have created for you. We will modify as needed and initiate the first steps of your plan. 

“Katrina's counsel about food and eating was just the thing to help me get to the bottom of my eating disorder. She combines cheerful optimism with excellent listening skills and nutritional expertise. After working with her, my issues with food no longer feel overwhelming, and I have a new, happier, "lighter" relationship with eating. Thanks, Katrina!”

Jessica S.                                     

Individual sessions are highly personalized and may include: 

  • Mindful Eating Strategies

  • Food and Cooking Exercises

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Energy Healing

  • Exploration and Release of Limiting Beliefs

  • Diet Modifications

  • Rhythm and Ritual Guidance

  • Movement and Breath work

  • Chakra Activation and Balancing

  • Supplement Protocol

  • Meditation and Mindset Practices


" When you work with Katrina, you are more aware of your own potential and path of advancement.  She will find ways to lead you in a way that is natural to you, but in a way that becomes more deep and exacting each session. From Katrina, I developed inner strength and awareness. She is a guru that all will benefit from."

Tony L.                                     

Private Session Packages


This single private session is a deep dive into your wellness journey, to date. We fully explore your wellness history, create a vision of your desired future self, analyze your current food and body relationship, and bring specific energetic patterns into focus. With this information, we create a tangible plan to realign with your goals, as well as begin any needed energy healing. You will gain a distinct understanding of your personal path toward greater wellness, as well as experience an initial shift in your energy currents.


  • Complete food and eating intake

  • Supplement Review

  • Energetic healing, as relates to beliefs and patterning

  • Detailed session notes with listed tangible steps and goals

  • Road map outlining vision of health and routes to get there

Session length: 1 - 1 1/2 hours

(2 Spotlight sessions offered per month)



This 3 month program is designed to help you create a lasting shift in your life and is rooted in regenerating connection with your inner truth and wisdom.

We work together to go on a journey to recover your intuitive wisdom for how to nourish yourself, heal physical and energetic wounds that may be blocking your connection with your truth, and facilitate building food and eating practices that deepen the felt experience of your body.

This work will help you unwind false beliefs and limiting habits through the use of guided meditation, food connection strategies, honed intuitive eating skills, physical movement, energy healing, hypnosis, sound healing, and more. All modalities used aim to regenerate flow of your body's own inherent wisdom as a being of nature.

At the conclusion of your journey, you will feel a deep sense of peace and ease in your relationship with food and your body. 

Book a free discovery call with me to learn more about if this is a right fit for you.


  • Food and Eating Intake Analysis

  • 1 - Initial Session (1 1/2 - 2 hours)

  • Health Visioning

  • 5 - Follow-Up Sessions (45 min each)

  • Supplement Review

  • Energetic healing, as relates to beliefs and patterning

  • Integration "homework" between sessions

  • Detailed session notes with listed tangible steps and goals

  • Continued road map with goal posts outlining vision of health

  • Email Check-ins (ongoing email communication, as needed, between sessions)

Journey length: 3 Months 

(Must be used within 6 months of purchase)


Special single session and package rates are offered to those who have completed the Nourished Being or Nourished Being PLUS programs for ongoing support. These are meant to offer space for additional layers of healing, as needed. Some wish to continue the healing work and move even deeper, others simply want check-ins as they continue to integrate the healing into their lives.

Payment Plans & Sliding Scale

options available.


The option to space payments out into more digestible increments is available if needed. Should this be helpful to you, please reach out. 

"For the first time in my life, I feel like I can easily select, prepare, and enjoy