Outdoor Dinner Party

NOURISH yourself to a place of vibrancy where you embody your individual inner wisdom. Connect with what is intuitively right for you and feel your best without feeling confined by prescriptive diets and tactics of control.

How is your relationship with food?


It's easy to let some pretty toxic patterns develop over the years. We find ourselves desperate to find the next superfood, diet, or routine that will finally be the key to feeling great and lasting health.


At a very basic level we know that good nutrition is eating real, quality food in a consciously mindful way.


Actually doing this with intuitive ease is another story...  


A healthy relationship with food requires a combination of learning how to tangibly work with real food, while also addressing layers of how one emotionally relates to food. 

Good news. This is my passion!

Kind of like a food therapist, I guide people toward creating a healthy connection with real food that is easily incorporated into daily life. Step by step, we unwind damaging beliefs and rules while, at the same time, building an energetic connection with the needs of your body. We hone your skills to easily and intuitively create healthy meals that honor your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Through our work together, you will create a meaningful and loving relationship with food and feel empowered to adapt to your ever-changing needs as life progresses. Maintaining health through food will become second-nature. 

"Eating is our most profound engagement with the natural world."

- MIchael Pollen

Our interaction with food provides an opportunity to include acts of spiritual self-care on a daily basis, connect more profoundly with the people in our lives, and to take care of our planet.

Book a session with Katrina today to move beyond thinking about food as something you have to control and learn to  engage in a deeper relationship with your spirit and body.

"Sunlight and fresh air are essential nutrients for the spirit. nature is like kale for the soul."