Herbs and Condiment
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True Health Alignment

Food doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it should be easy. It should be even fill you with joy. We have simply lost meaningful connection with this most basic part of life. My mission is to help guide you to a more depth-filled relationship with food. Together, we will work through a process of unraveling the blocks that are preventing you from the health and wellness you desire so you can draw into closer connection with the truth of your inner wisdom. We all hold the wisdom of what we truly need within us. I help you remember this wisdom and then how to eat and live from that place within yourself.  

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Group Restore You

Jumpstart your journey to better health with Prolon, a 5 day mimicked fast that renews your body at the cellular level while also helping to interrupt unhealthy patterns and habits. When you move through my group program, you get the addition of a mindfulness program created specifically to coincide with Prolon and the support of fellow fasters! 

Moon Collective

Is your life lacking rhythm right now? While our days can feel like a bit of a blur right now, nature has not skipped a beat. We will connect with the cycle of the moon and the seasons using meditation, yoga, journaling, and discussion to draw us closer to our true nature and rhythm. Each group will coincide with a season and draw upon nature's offerings during that time.

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