Tropical Flower


A 12 week group experience for people who want to make peace with food forever.

I believe that food should not
feel complicated.

In fact, I think it should be a deeply enjoyable part of life.


Let's face it. The roller coaster ride many of us have ridden with food over the years has taken its toll on our relationship with our body. Something that should feel very natural, like listening to the needs of the body and following through has become muddled and, often, wrought with frustration. 

Not one person needs another diet strategy or to be told what to eat. What all of us need is to fall back into trust in our body, a place we, likely, once knew well and is our birthright.

In this online nutrition journey, I help you make peace with food forever and reconnect your body in a way that will feel like coming home to yourself.

Over the years, I have helped countless people reclaim their inner wisdom and trust what their body needs over anything else. In all of this work, I've noticed many threads of guidance that is shared with almost every single person with whom I work.


I've taken these threads and distilled them into this program. A journey that guides you to the very best Nutritionist there is... the one that resides within you.

In this program, I share tools, mindset, and guided practices to nourish from YOUR center and feel peace and freedom with food.

Eating is a sacred act.

One in which we have an opportunity several times a day to...

commit to our highest self 

nourish our body 


commune with nature.

This course is for 

Hi! I'm Katrina. I've been an Energetic Nutritionist, specializing in relationships with food and the body for well over a decade. In my work with hundreds of clients, there is a common thread of work that is rooted in the cultural programming, of which we have all been a part.

This experience is my way of offering a platform that addresses the main issues with food and body that exist within most of us. Through learning modules, integration worksheets, group calls, and more, you will feel an abundance of support as you discover the underlying belief system that is preventing you from accessing a more beautiful relationship with your health and body.

Food should be joyful and easy.
The body should be felt as a vehicle for abundantly experiencing life.
The act of eating should be deeply nourishing on many levels.