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The Sacred Art of Eating

A group experience to make peace with food forever.

Eating is a sacred act.

One in which we have an opportunity several times a day to...

commit to our highest self 

nourish our body 

and commune with nature.

There was a time when I didn't know how to trust my body. 

Like many girls who grew up in the '80s, I was taught to fear what would happen to my body as I aged. Women all around me were constantly disgusted with their figures, pouring time and money into any new way to lose weight and shape up!

While I specifically remember being a very young girl and thinking it was absurd that these women I loved thought so poorly about themselves, I, too, boarded the roller coaster as I entered my teen years. Something that should be very natural, like listening to the needs of my body and nourishing it well, became muddled and wrought with frustration.

Through discovering a very embodied form of yoga and diving into a soul-filled journey of self-discovery, I was able to unlearn negative ways of relating to my body and find a new relationship with what it means to intuitively nourish from a place of wisdom and truth.

Over the years, I have helped countless people reclaim their connection with this inner truth and learn how to trust what their body needs over anything else. In this work, I have noticed threads of wisdom that we all seem to share.

I've taken these threads and distilled them into this program.

Not one person needs another diet strategy or to be told what to eat.


What we all need is to fall back into trust in our body. Something we once knew well. Something that is our birthright.


This journey guides you to the very best Nutritionist there is... the one that resides within you.



  • Gain peace and freedom with food

  • Build intuitive eating skills

  • Release old habits and patterns

  • Reclaim your body and what health means to you!

  • Understand how unwind binging, cravings, and stress

  • Deeply enjoy nourishing food

  • Get organized with food

  • Gain cooking skills to make food easy adn delicious

  • Make eating peaceful and stress-free

  • Navigate the realities of nourising yourself (and a family!)

  • Build towards a more fully nourished YOU


  • 10 Week Supportive Journey

  • 5 Video Classes (delivered every 2 weeks)

  • Live Integration Calls (between classes)

  • Integration Practices and Exercises

  • Guest Video Bonus (with each module)

  • Private Online Community (on my website)

Image by Mariana Medvedeva
Katrina McGiffin MSN, CYT 


I'm here to help you regain connection with your intuitive knowing, heal energetic blocks and limited beliefs, and find find peace with your body.


Using my certification as a hypnotherapist, my master’s degree in nutrition, training in energetic healing, and over 25 years of experience in my yoga and meditation practice, I guide people to intuitively connect with their body, heal wounded parts that have created energetic and physical blocks, and experience deep connection with their authentic self.

With Special Guests...

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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James Doe

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James Doe

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Experience Modules


Coming Home to Your Body: Make Peace and Feel Embodied

Reclaim the truth of your body to engage with food and wellness from  a place of wholeness and positivity.


Rhythms of Life — Navigating Food through Daily Twists and Turns

Developing a rhythm with food that is specific to the context of your life, while also deeply supportive for your body, despite what life may bring. 


Nourishing Your Energy: The Power of Enjoyment

Learn to welcome nourishment with ease and joy and release unnecessary feelings of guilt or shame. Address food cravings and habits that hinder your relationship with your body. Discover how to eat in a way thatpower up your energetic field! 


Nourishing Your Energy: The Power of Enjoyment

Remove unwanted blocks that prevent you from a full experience (and enjoyment) of food so you can invite all forms of nourishment into your life. Learn how to power up your energetic field! 


Honoring Thyself: A Vision of the Ultimate Nourished You

Embracing radical acceptance for the flow of life and manifesting a new vision of the ultimately nourished version of YOU!

Food should be joyful and easy.The body should be felt as a vehicle for abundantly experiencing life.The act of eating should be deeply nourishing on many levels.

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