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Gomasio is a combination of sesame seeds (goma) and salt (sio). It is a Japanese topping that adds flavor and nutrients to bowls, salads, soups, and more. Gomasio provides a nice salty flavor while minimizing sodium intake. 

Preparation Time:  5-10 minutes

1 cup sesame seeds 

2 T toated Nori flakes (or 1 sheet of Nori crushed up)

2 T Dulse flakes

2 T Sea lettuce flakes

1 1/2  tea sea salt

Warm cast iron skillet. Add sesame seeds and stir constantly until they begin to smell aromatic and golden. Remove from heat and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Once cooled, place in jar and make sure they are well stirred. You can also grind everything with a mortar and pestle or dry blender for a finer gomasio.

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