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10 Ways to Honor The Body

This physical body that we have the honor of inhabiting upon this big Earth body is simply a vehicle through which we get to experience life. It is the only way we can hear the birds singing, hold the hand of a small child, smell the delicious soup simmering on the stove, see the glimmering sunrise over a still mountain lake, taste the rich depth of freshly brewed tea...

This physical body is not the experience itself, it is our connection to the experience.

When we place too much value on the appearance of the body, we miss the experience. Likewise, when we undervalue the body, we diminish the power of what life has to offer.

The question is not, "How can I better mould my body into the correct shape or size or control its needs and wants?" Instead, the more important question is, "How can I live in a way that deeply honors and supports this physical form that brings me the ability to experience all of the beauty of life?".

Living in a way that cherishes our human form is what it means to age with wisdom.

Of course, bodies are meant to decline. That is unavoidable. Like any living being, it is inevitable that each of us will eventually begin our return to the soil. We honor this truth by living life fully and with great reverence.

What can you do today to more greatly honor this form that brings you this experience called life?

Here are my favorite ten ways to offer my body respect:

  1. Making sleep a priority. The body requires adequate sleep each night to properly restore. Supporting good sleep hygiene practices is one of the greatest gifts for the body.

  2. Moving the body daily in the way it most wants to move. Some days a long run might feel good, others days it may feel better to sit and stretch or dance to a favorite song. Movement that feels good in a given moment is the key.

  3. Drink water often. Staying hydrated and keeping cells flushed requires regular hydration throughout the day, rather than larger amounts at peak moments.

  4. Spending time in nature. Simply being in the company of trees offers the body healing through terpenes emitted into the air. The color green lifts the vibration of the body. Nature can literally be the best medicine.

  5. Soaking up some rays. Letting the sun wash over the body instantly provides an energetic clearing. Ten minutes, especially at the beginning of the day, can change everything.

  6. Fresh food that is grown with respect, close to home. Food that is honored while being grown, be it a vegetable or an animal, will carry more vibrant energy into the body.

  7. Laughter and joy. Spending time with those who lift the spirit shift the energy of the body and light it up.

  8. Incorporating periods of fasting to give the body a break and trigger the adaptive response of renewal it knows so well.

  9. Creating, solely for the purpose of creating. The body energy flows when we honor the spirit's need to create without pressure or critique.

  10. A free voice. Singing unlocks held energy and brightens the energy of the body.

What are you favorite ways to offer the body your reverence and gratitude?

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