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No "Good" or "Bad" Foods?

Perhaps you've heard the notion that no food should be considered "good" or "bad".

My clients often want to know... Does it mean that all foods are equal? Should we have no judgement about food? Does it mean anything and everything is fair game?

In response, I like to use the yogic concept of equanimity, which is the idea of showing up in the present moment with an open heart, calm state, and even mind.

It isn't so much about if we deem the food as being "good" or "bad". More so, it is about not letting our thinking brain's personal biases, prejudices, and judgements get in the way of our intuitive knowing when it comes to food choice.

Since who we are is in a constant state of change, the more we can arrive at food with an open mind, the more we can attune with our most current and relevant needs.

By embracing equanimity, we can transcend what we think we know and, instead, open to a more inclusive and harmonious perspective.

Not only are we more intuitively keen to the immediate needs of our bodies, but more space is also created for us to have a more honest energetic connection with the food at hand.

Discernment is still made, but not from the knowing mind. We transcend the knowing mind to arrive at a knowing that stems from a place of integrated wholeness with that specific moment.

A knowing that very clearly aligns us with the truth of what we need and the truth of what will resonate with that need.

How to arrive at a state of equanimity?

Shoot me a message and I'll send you a link!

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