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I'm Not What You Expect

I never really considered myself a science student, so I definitely surprised myself when beginning to pursue a master's degree in nutrition.

To say that I felt like an imposter is an understatement.

Regardless, I plugged along and graduated with my degree like everybody else in the program, but what came next was yet to be known.

I knew I didn't want to work in a hospital or other clinical type of setting.

I was sure that I wanted to incorporate my work as a yoga and meditation teacher.

I was positive that the way most "nutrition" work was being done was missing something huge.

And... I had no idea how how to put all this together.

More than fifteen years and many different variations of my business later, the story is still being written, but I finally have a clear approach for integrating my many offerings for nutrition clients and it is making the biggest changes for the lives of my clients.

My multi-faceted approach creates space for each client to access healing in the way that is uniquely best for them. My intake process encompasses a full understanding of the physical body AND the energetic body. I use all of this information to determine how we work together in each session.

Food is energy and the very tangible way it moves through the body is reflective of how more subtle energy is moving through and vice versa. Using both sets of data, there are far more openings through which to access healing.

Using intuitive guidance, we explore the block that is inhibiting a nourishing flow of energy through the body. Whether that block is chronic constipation, irritable bowel, binge-eating, excess weight or inability to gain weight, sugar addiction, or any other number of issues that might be faced, the underlying cause is rarely just about what and how we are eating.

This is what I always knew and finally am so excited to be bringing it all together.

One such example is a client who felt like she could never eat enough food. Her stomach would feel full, but she would still want more. We identified that this was something deeply buried and used a hypnotherapy session to really dig into it. She regressed to her time as an infant where she had difficulty with nursing and bottle-feeding, which set up a pattern of feeling unsatisfied when eating and always hungering for more. We used energy healing techniques to reset that pattern and invite a different connection with food. Her insatiable hunger quelled and she was soon better able to follow the cues from her body.

Another example is a client who was dealing with irritable bowel syndrome. For years, he had been seeing different doctors and trying different strategies to find relief. Despite his efforts, he continued to have several bowel movements a day and regularly felt a lack of vitality. When assessing his energy field, we identified a flow of energy that was excessive and faster than worked for his body. With that pace of energy moving through him, he rarely had time to really notice what was happening in his life, let alone enjoy it. We worked with his field to bring more peace and calm and, also, wove in some helpful food strategies to encourage a healthier digestive flow. With this layered approach, his digestive concerns quickly became a thing of the past.

The body provides messages for how to heal and evolve though physical manifestations of what is happening in our energy field at large. Approaching both the physical and energetic bodies with an understanding of nutrition science and intuitive guidance is where true healing can be found.

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