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African-esque Peanut Soup

How many things can you change before you can no longer use the original name? This recipe is derived from what we commonly think of as African Peanut Soup, but an -esque ending seems appropriate for this variation.

For years, I wanted to make African Peanut Soup, but knew that my youngest would not be able to eat it with all of the nightshades it typically contains. I gave my own creation a go and it paid off! This nightshade free version is DELICIOUS. It is also such an easy and FAST recipe.

Easy and nutritious dinner? Check! Not to mention the fact that my entire family loved it. Double win. The kids enjoyed it with some added rice, but my husband and I were content with the soup and toppings alone.

I know that peanuts are something many people avoid, so I am planning on trying this with cashew butter next time to see how that works. My guess is that it will be a replacement that totally works. If you live in house that doesn't do peanuts, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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