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Before and After

Before and after.

Our eyes are used to searching for the differences. Like a cultural game we all know well, we have learned the importance of externally measuring up the worth of an achievement.

In that same way, we have learned to validate our own achievements based on others judgements.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the external measurements that we lose sight of what we should really be measuring…

Things like:

  • Do I feel good in my body, not how does my body look for others?

  • Is my internal wisdom aligned with my external appearance?

  • Did I have to sacrifice any of my internal knowing to achieve a certain external success?

What we need to remember is that when we align with our internal knowing, the external falls into place.

Whatever that external appearance is, at any given moment, isn't likely the static, one-dimensional vision we hold in our mind of ourselves at perfect health. Instead, we remain open to our body fully being the ever-evolving, breathing, living creature of nature that it is.

From this place, our “achievements” are based solely on how aligned we are with our inner wisdom. We no longer feel the need for approval of measurable outcomes from others. We become our own judge and say goodbye to the need for external validation.

Our own internal knowing of the changes we have made is enough and the most important outcome, our self-worth, need only be validated by our own true self.

So... until we have the technology to capture an image of our spirit, we can say goodbye to the before/after photos we have all been taught to love. After all, our health is about so much more than butt gains and the tightness of our tummies.

This point is especially true for my fasting program. While fasting programs have largely become associated with improving external appearance, Restore You is a program that focuses more on the quality of health you experience in your body. It is meant to restore physical health, but just as important, help you reconnect with your innermost wisdom.

Join me next Monday for the Secrets of Fasting to determine if this program is right for you. Sign up today!

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