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Embracing New

My family likes to pick a word for the year. We each select an individual word, then choose a word for our family. This year, we put our words on sticks of palo santo (a wood often burned for purposes of clearing energy, much like sage or cedar). The intention is to clear energy as needed throughout the year, checking in with our word each time we do so... a regular reminder of that which we chose to welcome more of, actively surrendering to the intention as it slowly burns down.

I invite you to join our tradition. Select your word for the year, then sit with that intention. Create a reminder to regularly come into contact with the word/intention, without clinging to it. Setting the intention and keeping the vision is enough. The magic will unfold from there.

Happening this month - January!

- Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath on Jan 12th at Twist Yoga in Lake Oswego. 6-7:30pm. A restorative hour long yoga practice that connects you with the energy of the full moon and the rhythm of nature, followed by a 30 minute crystal bowl sound bath extended savasana.

- Restore You Group - February 2 - 6th - Claim your spot today!

Restore you combines the Prolon mimicked fasting diet with a mindfulness protocol. If you are looking to physically rejuvenate, this may be just what you are seeking. The Prolon diet is backed by almost 30 years of research and is, truly, revolutionary for health. All the benefits of an extended fast while getting to eat!

The group is experience is entirely online and will have several bonus features, including live nutrition sessions, mini yoga sessions for rejuvenation, discussions on spiritual aspects of fasting, and more! The group is filling up. Claim your spot today!

Sign up with a friend special! When you sign up with a friend, both of you get $20 off!

Don’t forget that you can still use the Prolon rebate offer of $50 back for every box on one order. That would be $70 off for both you and a friend! Sign up today!

Thank you for following me and supporting my efforts!

Cheers to your magic unfolding!

Katrina McGiffin

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