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Introducing Restore You

How often do you feel like Nutrition is one big game of finding the next big trend? Every few years, a secret is uncovered and there's a new super-food to add to your diet, an evil food to detox away, a supplement to buy... It can feel exhausting and, ultimately, you may find that not much about your health really changes.

As somebody who has suffered from digestive issues my entire life, I have been no stranger to this guessing game. As a Nutritionist, I have been caught up, and participated, in the spread of several different trends. In the end, though, nothing has been truly revolutionary. Essentially, it all boils down to discovering what foods work best, on an individual level, while integrating a greater amount of whole foods in a mindful and conscientious way.

This is still the path I believe in to find sustainable, greater health.

That being said, there IS something that I am more jazzed about than anything else I have come across in my ten years of being a Nutritionist. A protocol that has great healing potential, especially when coupled with the basic approach described above.

When I first found Prolon, I was unsure. Was it just a new trendy part of the fasting fad?

After observing it for a couple of years, reading the work by Dr. Valter Longo, and having tried it myself a handful of times, I believe it actually is revolutionary.

My own experience? Like many detox experiences, it makes me feel great when I finish it. This was expected and not a surprise. However, rather than diminishing after a few days of going back to "normal" eating, I continued to feel great and have experienced healing that I did not think was possible.

After three times through, my life-long digestive issues improved to a level that I had started to think were not attainable. There is an ease in my body and an ability to easily eat foods that used to cause sensitivity reactions. My body feels revitalized.

The formulation is such that it induces the benefits of a typical fast, while supporting the body with just the right amount of essential nutrients. The body experiences clean-up on a cellular level, literally a removal of broken down and damaged cells. Kind of like going through your kids' toy room with a garbage sack and getting rid of the broken toys and games with missing pieces.

Following the removal, your body is flooded with new stem cells, allowing for a healing effect; literally, giving the systems in your body another chance to change the trajectory. To trend toward better health, rather than grasp at the health that you have left.

Prolon offers a 5 day box of food that is perfectly formulated to make this magic happen in the body. As a yoga teacher, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the fast from a spiritual point of view, given the long history of fasting in that context.

Restore You is the program birthed from marrying Prolon with Mindfulness. An online experience that perfectly pairs with the Prolon mimicked-fast journey. When you purchase Restore You, you receive daily audio meditations, readings, mantras, journal prompts, and more.

Read more about all of it by clicking here.

For the months of November and December, I am offering a discount code to try Restore You for the price of the box of food only. Use the code RYMEM during checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Also, stay on the lookout for a special black Friday deal coming out next week!

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions!

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