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Introducing A.S.K - A Community Grown From Food

For ages, we have had CSA services… a way in which the community can “support” local agriculture. Today, we flip that idea on its head, with the creation of ASK. Agriculture Supported Kula (a sanskrit word for community).

Unlike most of life, CSAs are going forward this summer. In a time where opportunities for community are sparse, local agriculture is providing a space for us to continue to come together… in the barn to gather our food, but also as a like-minded group of people who care about food that is good for our health and the health of the earth.

To provide space for this connection beyond the barn, we will be offering ASK digital cooking sessions every Thursday afternoon. Grab your favorite afternoon beverage and sit down with us to learn about your veggie haul for the week and what to do with it.

Each session will include:

  • An overview of the produce

  • Nutrition information

  • Cooking / Storing options

  • Meal ideas for the week

  • Highlighted “recipe” with demonstration

  • Conversation and questions

ASK is lead by two nutritionists who are holistically trained with master’s degrees in the field of human nutrition. Megan and Katrina both lead lives that are spiritually connected with the Earth and draw that sentiment into their Nutrition work. Each session, they will provide a wealth of information and be available to answer questions that arise.

Join ASK to feel more connected to your food, your local farmer, and a community of like-minded people. Prepare the recipe alongside us in your own kitchen or kick back and enjoy the show!

When: Thursdays 2:30pm

Where: Zoom via the comfort of your own kitchen

Cost: $10/drop-in, $32 if purchase 4 classes at one time

(FIRST SESSION IS FREE! 5/21 - simply register here with code: FIRSTASK )

How: Zoom link will be sent after purchase of class(es).

P.S. You don’t have to be local or part of a CSA to take part! If you like to cook with seasonably current produce, you will enjoy this class!

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