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New Moon, New Earth

Today is the New Moon and the 50th celebration of Earth Day.

Each Spring, I plant my garden. I carefully construct my garden plan to ensure crop rotation, light needs, and happy companions. It is an intentional process. The funny thing is that there are always a few plants that arrive uninvited. These "volunteer plants"are like a grab bag... often I'm thrilled with the addition, but sometimes it is an invasive weed.

When the new moon rolls around each month, an energy that supports new life comes with it. You may feel inspiration for new initiatives, projects, and other creations. Sometimes, the motivation is grounded in something a little less tangible -- a new behavior or way of thinking. Either way, it is a fantastic time to recognize the seeds you have been wanting to plant in your life and go for it!

Discover just what you want to invite into your life by connecting with the Earth, the energy from which we, ourselves, come. From the Earth we rise, as does everything that comes from within us. Just like new plants reach their roots down into the Earth to seek nourishment and strength, so do we. Earth is the living body that supports all of life on this planet. This foundation, this nourisher of new life, be it physical or energetic, is there for you. You just have to call upon it. Energetically root down into the Earth and draw sustenance for the new life growing within you.

Top 3 favorite ways to connect with the energy of Earth:

- Dig in the soil with your bare hands. Plant something beautiful that is supportive to the Earth (i.e. make sure it is not an invasive species).

- Sit in meditation (preferably outside). Feel your sit bones connect with the ground beneath you. Imagine roots growing from your sit bones down deep into the Earth, tethering you to a stable foundation from which you can grow toward the light. As you breath, draw that Earth energy up from the roots through your entire being.

- Practice yoga poses that connect you to the Earth as you move, helping you to connect with the symbiotic nature of life with Earth. Here is my New Moon Yoga from last Sunday's broadcast that entirely focuses on Earth energy connection.

Be intentional as you plant your seeds. Are they coming from a place of truth within you? Do they make sense for your life right now or are they being fed by some other wanting within you? Plant your inner garden with care. As you hone in on what is growing, notice the volunteers taking hold. All of us have patterns and stories that are part of our history, some of which go back many generations. These thought seeds root themselves in your fertile soil, seeking to maintain their life through yours. Check them out! Some of them will be lovely and cherished. For others, their time has come to be plucked from the fertile soil of your soul and tossed into the compost bin. Grow what you want to grow.

When you grow what is true within you, you join the symbiotic exchange of energy with Earth. You flow with all of life. Physically, we breathe in nourishment from the Earth body in the form of oxygen. We exhale and return our carbon dioxide to the plants and trees that decorate Earth. Energetically, we receive from the Earth the creative force of life. That force is transformed by the unique radiance within each of us. It is then released, as our gift, for the rest of life on Earth to receive.

Receive with gratitude. Then, gift with care -- that which is new and that which is true. Let your gift bloom for the world to see.

Thank you, New Moon. Let this be our time to create a New Earth.


Bring in new physical energy from the cell up by joining the upcoming Restore You Group. Restore You is the combination of the 5 day mimicked fast by Prolon and a mindfulness program to elevate the experience for the body and mind. Surrender to your body's natural clean-up processes by taking a "break" from food, while using that pause to provide extra soul nourishment.

You receive your box of food and mindfulness program (online program and pdf). The mindfulness program includes a daily reading, tips for fasting, mantra, journal prompts, and audio meditation. There is also useful information for set-up and transition, in addition to bonus features delivered via the Facebook group each day. Fun and supportive connection is made ongoing through the Facebook group.

How to join:

1. Purchase your Prolon box and mindfulness program (Restore You) here. The box will arrive to you in the mail soon thereafter. You are also able to use a rebate form from Prolon to receive $50 off each box in the order through the end of May. The rebate form will be provided to you upon purchase from my website.

2. Register for the Restore You Group (May 3rd-May 7th) here.

3. Let the rejuvenation begin!


If you have a wooded area that you can safely get to right now, you may be able to find nettles. Yes, stinging nettles! Wild foraging is a wonderful way to connect with the Earth and get some amazingly healthy and healing foods in your life. Nettles grow rampantly and are filled with nutrients (even more than kale)! Their stinging needles can easily be avoided by clipping them with scissors directly into a basket. You can also simply use rubber gloves. Once they are ground down (think blender action) or boiled, the needle goes away and they are safe to eat. Check out one of my favorite nettle recipes (Nettle Chimichurri) and also discover a full video for getting them safely ready to eat.

Upcoming Events

May 3rd, 2020 - Virtual Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath 4:00-5:30pm

FREE (Zoom link: 806-442-6459, password: 908117)

Join us for an hour of yoga designed to release unneeded holds, blockages, and emotional distress— rinsing your soul, just as the ocean’s high tide washes over the sand and rinses the beach of debris. The yoga class will be followed by a 30 minute extended savasana sound bath when Andrew Marshall will play crystal bowls to create an immersive experience, in which sound vibrations shift your awareness and state of being. You will walk away feeling complete relaxation, realignment, and reconfiguration.

September 17th-20th, 2020 - True Nature Retreat More info here (NOTE: Early bird registration has been extended to 5/31/20 to accommodate the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation).

Are you yearning to immerse yourself in the peace and harmony of nature? This three-night magical retreat will  connect you in a meaningful way with mother nature, drawing you more deeply into connection with your inner nature.​

We are more excited than ever for this retreat as it will likely come at the perfect time for all of us to immerse in community once again. It will be a time to reflect about the unique situation we all currently find ourselves in, both inwardly and in connection with others. We know that our time in nature together will provide a beautiful space to process and heal.

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful Oregon forest, next to a babbling creek, we will gather for meditation, yoga, guided forest bathing, crystal sound bowl healing, and fireside gatherings.

You will join with nature and connect in spirit with those around you, while still enjoying space to retreat and tend to the needs of your soul. ​Each day we will wake and gather for morning meditation and invigorating (yet suitable for all levels) yoga. Following breakfast, we will feed our spirit with nature! Moving through the forest in a meaningful way will allow you to fully absorb the magic and access a true state of inner harmony. Lunch will be a collective effort with the guidance of Katrina, a passionate Nutritionist and food-lover. Afternoons will be open for you to nourish yourself with whatever appeals to you. Hiking, enjoying the creek's swimming hole, visiting with friends, relaxing in the hot tub, reading in a hammock... all options in this lovely setting. Late afternoon, we will gather for restorative yoga and sound bath, followed by dinner. Before heading to bed, we will circle around the fire to reflect and enjoy.

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