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The Nourishment of Support

This week the Wolf Moon reaches its fullness in the sky, so named for the way wolves increase their howling during deep Winter. It was once thought that wolves did this because of growing hunger during a time when food in nature is harder to come by, but it has since been discovered that the howling is more an act of making their presence known. This can be for territorial purposes, but also as a way to connect with fellow wolves.

Moving into the stark emptiness of Winter, deep insecurities can surface. This could be facing cold and hunger, as so many animals and people do in the Winter months, or it could be insecurities that rise as we vulnerably open to the new growth that wants to sprout within us. Whatever the cause may be, facing these fears requires medicine that helps us to feel secure, not the least of which is the security that comes from knowing that you are supported by and in harmony with your pack.

Nourishment comes in many different forms and human contact is one that is critical for us all. The richest form of this nourishment goes beyond just spending time with other people. True pack nourishment comes from time spent with others in true authentic presence, in which every person is able to fully sit in their truth and still resonate harmonically with the rest of the group.

This is a powerful time to use the Full Moon space to let go, clear the way, and find clarity. All of this is much easier with the support of those that honor your truth.

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