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The Key to Spiral Instead of Circle

Janice came to me about a year ago to explore making a big change in her life.

She knew her current relationship with food and movement was not healthy— regularly making plans to go hard at each to hit her goal only to end up in the same place she began soon thereafter.

First, we spent time getting really clear on what it was she actually wanted. Once she was confident in the seeds she wanted to plant, we began create an action plan — one that didn’t just get her going, but kept her going.

What had been missing from everything she had done before was continuing to walk forward with clear action. Instead, she had been checking the map, asking for guidance, checking her supplies. She even started down the path (several times), but quickly turned back toward safety when the road got bumpy.

This is the circle that most of us walk over and over. There may not be any way to stop circling, but the difference between walking in a circle and walking in a spiral is everything.

With the spiral, we shift the experience and GROW with each revolution, creating incremental progress versus looping back to walk the same worn path that has always been.

Whether we make a giant shift all at once or incrementally make shifts over time, continuing down the path of true change requires bravely moving into the wild unknown.

When we are ready to truly transform, we don’t really know for sure how it will look on the other side.

We simply have to trust that we will find our way with each step.

How can you cultivate this trust?

  1. Present moment discernment - Being able to discern between honoring your needs versus pushing forward is key. In the face of discomfort, it might feel like you are honoring what you need by returning to the safety of old habits and patterns. Trust is built on honoring the truth of the body, so in these moments it is helpful to take a moment to receive clarity. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future, first after taking one path. Then, again, after taking the other. Which feels most aligned with your true desire for yourself? This is the one to take, even if it means facing some discomfort. The comfortable route is not always the one that builds trust.

  2. Notice the wins. When you are working on change, become alert to the small shifts rather than waiting for the big moments. Change rarely happens in one significant moment. Instead it is the subtle shifts that happen with day-to-day commitment. Do you have more energy? Did you sleep better? Are you in a better mood? Give yourself credit and take in the joy of these developments.

  3. Prepare for real change by allowing space things to look different. Any one thing we change has a ripple effect, shifting many parts of life beyond just the one thing. This reorganization can feel unsettling, but is required in order for the new to fit. When we are ready for this and have a plan for how to handle the discomfort, we can be much more successful.

And, that will be the focus for next week — Ways to support yourself through real change.

If you are feeling ready to change and what help forming your path and clearing the way, schedule a call with me today!

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