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What Anchors You Into Rhythm?

Nature always provides the cues. We just need to be aware enough to follow.

Observing the plants and animals that surround us in nature, we can see how they follow a daily rhythm. Environmental inputs may be different and each days activities will likely vary, but the rhythm is always the same.

There are few of us humans that get to live fully in synch with the rhythm of nature. I've known a few people who have pulled it off, but their lifestyle is a far cry from how most of us choose to live. So, we live these incongruous lives. Constantly trying to resolve the distance between nature and culture... both integral parts of each of us at our core.

Luckily, there are parts of nature that keep us rooted into rhythm each day. The circadian cycle may vary from person to person, but it still guides the overall rhythm of our daily existence. As does food.

Food is the bridge between culture and nature that we have to opt into every single day.

Our bodies call for us to eat in a rhythmic pattern every day. We can rush through food as an after thought, grabbing anything that works as quickly as possible, or we can treat our times to eat as sacred engagements with nature; moments that anchor us to the rhythm of nature that extends far beyond the routine of our individual lives.

Each time your body is hungry, accept the invitation to engage with nature. Touch the food you will consume and imagine its journey from the Earth to your plate. Welcome the energy that is flowing into your body. This energy from the Earth moves into you, transforms, then becomes your offering to the world.

Whatever routine your day may bring, let the food you eat be an anchor. Each meal reminding you that you are a being of nature.

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