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Whose Rules are You Playing By?

Lots of New Year, New You energy floating around.

In a time where what most people want is to have more acceptance for themselves, this slogan can seem a bit tiresome. But if we think of it in a less linear way, we can use this energy of new to help us invite the next evolution of who we have always been meant to become.

With the start of the new year (on the 1st) and the first new moon of the year (on the 2nd), we are offered the opportunity to explore what we want in this energy of new. In many ways, realizing what "old" is still governing your life is just as much relevant as making your way toward the new you are seeking.

When it comes to our relationship with food and our body, it is difficult to embrace new ways of eating and thinking without first identifying what habits and thoughts currently govern.

As we move through life, we tend to build a set of rules that we apply to how we eat and how we think about the body. Some rules, such as "Eat food that is close to nature" or "Eat a diet full of color" may indeed be helpful. Others, such as "Eat low fat" or "Always clean your plate", may be steering us wrong.

For many of us, the rules we've learned to follow for eating and interacting with are bodies are toxic and impair our ability to eat from a place of intuitive guidance. In order to find a new connection with food and body, we must first identify and reform old ways of thinking.

You can begin to do this by noticing thoughts or old stories that inform choices you make around food or your body. Pause when you notice a judgement or strong feeling arise. Get curious about it.

Does this influence serve you or does it get in the way of being more connected to your intuitive knowing? If it serves you, keep it! If it doesn't, spend some time reframing. I highly suggest writing it down, then rewriting it in a way that invites the new energy you wish to embrace.

Here are a couple reframing examples. While they may feel simple and obvious, bringing them to the conscious surface can make all the difference.

Example #1

Old rule: "It is important to always clean my plate and not waste food."

Reframed: "It is important to honor when my body is full. I can save any amount of food and enjoy it later."

Example #2

Old rule: "I must have a vegetable at every meal or I won't be healthy"

Reframed: "I am deeply connected to my body and can trust that it will guide me to what I need to eat at any given meal."

Now is the perfect time to unravel food rules that govern your life, so you can let your intuition can take its rightful lead!

This work can be deep and, often, bring up a lot of feelings. Support can be really helpful. That's what I'm here for. Book a call with me today if this work is calling to you.

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