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Day of Love

I think about Valentine's Day in the same way that I think about Earth Day. I'm all about dedicating a day to love, but, truly, love shouldn't be any less of a focus any other day of the year. And, the Earth should matter as much as it does on April 22 every single day.

But, since we do have a day focused on love, let's talk about what it means to have a loving relationship with the body.

On a day like Valentine's Day, we may notice ourselves paying extra attention to the ones we love, perhaps offering a few extra hugs and kisses, some kind words in a card, and candlelit dinner.

While all of that might be nice, we know that a rich connection with another person is about more than these simple delights, just as a loving relationship with our body is about far more than the way we look in a mirror.

A truly loving relationship with the body is developed by integrating the mind with the body, so that the experience of the body becomes intimately connected with thoughts and choices of the mind. From this place of center, we naturally cultivate the main tenets of a loving relationship and are able to respect and honor the body as the, one and only, physical home of our spirit.

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