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Elderberry Blue Syrup

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I discovered elderberry syrup when my oldest was a baby. It quickly became a staple in our house, especially during cold and flu season. It felt like magic. It was something I could feel good about giving my toddler to help ward off and recover from sicknesses.

Elderberries have been long honored for their immune boosting properties. They are full of flavonoids, more than almost any berry out there! These flavonoids protect you on a cellular level, preventing foreign invaders from entering. You can also thank these flavonoids for their anti-inflammatory properties, another benefit during illness and beyond.

Once I had my second child, I was going through A LOT of elderberry syrup. I decided to make my own. I noticed that most of the recipes that I was finding made a fairly spicy elderberry syrup. My kids did not approve. I've been playing with a recipe that they would like for a while now and I believe that I've finally done it!

This recipe is so easy to make! Enjoy!

PS - I highly recommend getting your dried elderberries from

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