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How Will You Step Into the Light?

This week we head into the darkest night of the year, followed by the return of the light.

As we near it, perhaps you can feel the pulse of new preparing to make its debut. Although it can not yet be seen, we trust that just as the trees know buds for new leaves will sprout again, that which is longing to be born from us will soon make itself known. This is the magic that arises from walking bravely into the mystery of the darkness, willingly releasing that which is ready to go.

The Winter solstice leads us to our truth. In the empty darkness to which we open ourselves, we can better see the spark of new life that shimmers within each of us.

What has sparked within you?

Where is the pulse of life guiding you?

Remember that it takes just one spark to light up the dark. The light born on each Winter Solstice is all about each of us tuning into that spark that is our own unique birthright. It nudges us forward to the grandest gift we alone can offer to the world. In these final days of darkness, what has yet to be released to let this new life fully form?

Of course, as is always the case with nature, we are reminded to move with the pace of the natural world. Nature is always at work, yet developing new life takes time. The Moon is always shifting shape, yet she never rushes to get it done.

So, though we might be inclined to figure it all out and rush to the conclusion, taking action on what new life within wants to form, it is not yet that time. Instead, we sit in the energy of new, surrender to the not-knowing and simply allow the excitement of possibility to pulse through us.

Similar to that moment that you begin to think about getting a new puppy, growing a garden, or having a baby— nothing has yet actually happened, but the decision itself feels thrilling. The only action you may initially take is to contemplate how life might change, simply considering what might need to shift or change in order for this new addition to come to be.

Like tea leaves brewing, we allow the process to unfold rather than to make it happen.

What, within you, wants to unfold with the coming light?

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