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Screw Diet Culture? Sure, but what next?

Screw diet culture? Absolutely. I am here. For. That.

I’ve been anti-number since the beginning. Anti-weight number, anti-grams of fat number, anti-you name it number.

This new trend of women standing up to declare sovereignty over their bodies is FANTASTIC.


Is it all just about smashing scales and eating all the potato chips?


The problem is that, for most of us, it is our small ego-filled self that has been guiding our relationship with food for most of our lives. We’ve grown up being disconnected from the truth within our bodies and are likely coming out of some level of toxic relationship with food.

If you’ve recently connected with this idea of releasing antiquated forms of connecting with food, congratulations. Now it is time to heal and to connect with the higher, wiser self within to lead the way.

This work is about unraveling the old, rebuilding the new, and (most importantly!) connecting with your inner truth.

My main point?

Screw diet culture, but also, get help. Learn how to connect with your deeper truth, how to effectively listen to and honor the body, and how to heal the wounded parts within.

Schedule a free call today.

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