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The Heart of the Matter

We have entered the time of the year where there is a lot of energy around the gathering of things.

The urge to "get" runs deep. It harkens back to that piece of us that wonders if we won't have enough. It's no wonder that when our scarcity mindset, something that was created deep in the recesses of our evolution, is preyed upon, we are easily swayed to gather.

This time of the year may feel a little extra, but the reality is that we are incited to buy all year long. Participating in this energy flow where excessive energy is coming in either results in accumulation or a quickening need to purge.

Bringing a consciousness to this energy flow, allows us to slow the rhythm down and invite a greater energy of peace into our lives.

Which isn't all that different from food... The endless abundance of food many of us have access to, much of which is created in a lab to prey upon our senses, triggers our scarcity mindset and creates an urge to eat. Similarly, this often results in excessive energy accumulating or an exaggerated desire to release the energy through forms of diet and exercise.

The same way we reconnect to the true meaning of the season, beyond the holiday stuff and things, by slowing down and focusing on our relationships with others and the return of light and life, so can we can bring a greater consciousness to the way we feed ourselves, creating a deeper relationship with the body that draws us back into the true rhythm of nature.

Restraint from purchasing more stuff and fasting from food are both ways to reconnect with truth, as well as a way to step away from the consumerism in which we can easily be swept away.

Here is a passage from The Sacred Art of Fasting that sums this idea up quite nicely, "Our unlimited freedoms and resources have not brought us unlimited fulfillment. The time has come for the consumer society to generate its antithesis: the person who stands against the conditioned reflex, who is free not to consume, who chooses to fast because of the self-transcending meaning and values perceived."

This holiday season, join me in getting to the heart of what really matters. Bring a consciousness to action that you take that helps to slow the flow of energy. And, if it calls to you, take some time for yourself at the beginning of January to consciously connect with your body through a mindful fast.

Peace and blessings,


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