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What Seeds Did You Plant?

The sun is shining and the crocuses are peaking up through the soil, guiding their potential toward the light. We are beginning the shift toward Spring. Observing this new growth beginning to pop serves as a reminder to notice that which is budding in ourselves.

The snow moon in February represents a final call to action, a preparation to bring your intentions toward full manifestation. During this final transition period of Winter, hone in on what you planted and have been nurturing in the darkness of Winter. What final bits of nourishment can you derive from the depths, before bringing what you planted into the light?


Thinking about seeds and sprouts got me thinking about sprouting. Sprouting is a super easy (and cost effective) way to bring more living nutrients into your diet. When you sprout a grain or seed, you unlock its nutrient potential, making the nutrients more bioavailable and the food more digestible. On Instagram, I have been showcasing some meals I recently put together using sprouted buckwheat. I am releasing a video this week teaching how to do it and will continue with more sprouting ideas in the weeks to come!


SO exciting! Officially sharing here first. After years of collaboratively hosting workshops together, Andrew Marshall and I will be hosting our first retreat! The first annual True Nature Retreat will be held on the weekend of the Autumnal Equinox (9/17 - 9/20) at the Tipi Village Retreat outside Eugene, Oregon. As the universe would have it, Andrew and I hosted our first Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath on the Autumnal Equinox several years ago. In this retreat, we will celebrate the passage of Summer and the transition into Fall. Through yoga, meditation, sound healing, forest bathing, and more, we will connect with the nature around us and, thus, be connected to our own inner nature.

Read all the details here! We expect to sell out, so make sure to book soon!


March 8th, 2020 - Chakra Workshop 3:00-5:00pm Tickets here.

Whether you are new to chakras or have been studying them for years, you will find benefit in this space created to connect with and harmonize your energy centers. Through the use of movement, breath work, chanting, crystal sound bowls, and journaling, your energy will freely flow from the grounded root of your being to the infinite crown. Connection to each center will be made with the use of tangible natural objects provided as a gift to you.Following the workshop, we will enjoy tea and a healthy treat as we explore our discoveries.Sign up today! Space is limited 💗

April 5th, 2020 - Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath 6:00-7:30pm Tickets here.

The full moon is symbolic of fulfillment, wholeness, and closure. It is a time to celebrate everything that has brought you to this moment in life while releasing that which no longer serves you. Join us for an hour of yoga designed to release unneeded holds, blockages, and emotional distress— rinsing your soul, just as the ocean’s high tide washes over the sand and rinses the beach of debris. The yoga class will be followed by a 30 minute extended savasana sound bath when Andrew Marshall will play crystal bowls to create an immersive experience, in which sound vibrations shift your awareness and state of being. You will walk away feeling complete relaxation, realignment, and reconfiguration.

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