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5 Reasons to Begin Your Year With a Fast

January isn't know as the beginning of diet season for nothing. Most people are feeling the fullness of the holidays. Dialing back indulgences and feeling refreshed in our body can feel as good as the house does once all decorations are cleared away and the house is clean again. And, let's face it, stepping into a new year always feels inspiring.

But... a diet? No thank you. Diets imply a need to control something and when it comes to diet culture, that something is typically our external appearance. What if instead, this year, we used that new year's inspiration to refresh in a way that facilitates greater health and that reaches far deeper than how we look, all while developing the connection within to our own well of wisdom for how we should eat.

My Restore You program, which includes a 5 day mimicked fast, offers a physical clean-up, on a cellular level, that takes advantage of an adaptive response established in our bodies long ago. This is an evidence-based way to refresh the body on a physical level. The mindfulness layers built in use the 5 fasting period to hone the connection between body and mind, meaning you walk away from your 5 days with a more clear understanding of what you, personally, need. Opposite from the end of a diet, that leaves you swinging back to where you began, you walk away from the fast with a refreshed body and cleared mind. From this place, your intuition can more easily take its rightful lead when it comes to your relationship with food.

Here's what you can expect from beginning your year with the 5 day Restore You Fasting Program:

  1. A feeling of general health and well-being from a program that is evidence-based and supportive of long-term health goals versus goals that are appearance oriented.

  2. An intuitive connection with your body, from which you feel more clear about how to guide your own health.

  3. Improved numbers that matter most. Nobody wants to diet anymore, but there are good reasons to want to improve aspects of our health that mean living longer with greater health. Improve things like blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more without damaging your relationship with your body.

  4. Targeted healing in your body. Autophagy, the process triggered by a 5 day mimicked fast, cleans out old and damaged cells. This means, healing happens where you need it most!

  5. An ability to shift habits around food patterns that don't serve you. By interrupting our food patterns through a 5 day fast, enough space is created to make real change.

SIGN UP to be a part of Restore You in January right away, so you have plenty of time to get prepared! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS WEDNESDAY 12/15!

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