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Abundant Illumination

Can you feel it? Tugging on you -- inviting the depth within you to swell like the ocean tide, filling you to overflowing?

We are not meant to carry it all, although many of us are trying to right now. The full moon is an invitation to feel where you are full, what has reached capacity and now must be released?

My 10 year old had a nightmare last night. He came to me, wanting a hug. For the first time in a long time, he asked if he could sleep with me. As we snuggled together, I noticed the light of the full moon pouring through the window. I thought of how, in a similar way to how I was holding my son, the full moon holds each of us in the quiet of night.

During the time of the full moon, we can nestle in to our moon mother's loving arms. We can feel safe noticing what has reached capacity within us, and in connection with the secure rhythm of the moon, shed what is no longer serving us.

This Corn Moon, which marks the beginning of the harvest season, asks you to notice the abundance around you in nature. Life is full of energy right now and we can tap into that reserve available at this time , allowing us to navigate change and new ways of being with greater grace for ourselves and others.

Moon Mantra

I invite the illumination of the moon to help me become aware of what I no longer need to hold. In the loving arms of the moon, I am able to release and create space within myself.



Gather with others to honor the moon. The beginning and ending of each season marks each M O O N C O L L E C T I V E. Through yoga, meditation, discussion, rituals, and more, we will sync up with the rhythm of the moon. Learn more by clicking here. Make sure to sign up no later than 9/10 to have time to receive your FULL MOON GIFT in the mail.


The next RESTORE YOU is coming up 10/4 - 10/8. This 5 day mimicked fast, paired with a mindfulness program, takes you on a healing journey for the body and soul. Over 30 years of scientific research shows Prolon's fast to stimulate healing at a cellular level. This group fast helps you to feel supported through the process, and I also offer several special bonuses through the week for participants. While you can still opt for using the ease of Prolon (when purchased through me, Restore You group is free to you!), I will soon be offering an alternative if you would prefer to make the food yourself. That part will officially launch in January, but I will be looking for testers to try my DIY mimicked fast in the group this October. Let me know if you are interested!

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