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Fall into Fall

For as long as I can remember, I have hosted some sort of celebration to honor the turn of the season. While in my twenties it may have looked like eating pumpkin chili and apple pie while bedazzling underoos, it has has since developed into honoring the external shift as a reflection of the internal through movement, sound, ritual, and, of course, food.

The middle of this week brings us face to face with the turning of Summer into Fall. For a brief moment, we hang in the balance. With the sun perfectly straddling light and dark, our awareness is drawn within to check on our own state of equilibrium.

The balance in the sky invites us to ask our self such questions as:

- What aspects of my life are causing me to be off-kilter?

- How are those parts serving me, for better or worse, and causing me to be attached?

- In what ways can I better honor my truth by releasing that which pulls me off center?

Seeking answers to questions such as these help us begin to understand what we need to shed as we move into Fall. It helps us to clarify what energy no longer serves us and needs to be released to then transform into something new that can be planted with the dawning light of Winter.

Fall is all about letting go. Just as the trees drop their leaves and the flowers petals wilt away, we too have parts of ourselves that must return to the Earth to be composted and richen the soil of our internal landscape. Inviting that release with surrender can sometimes be challenging, but met with acceptance the most beautiful space for renewal is created.

Nothing can live forever, so we step fully into the flow of life,

renew and begin again.

Hang in the pause of balance that exists,

then let yourself fall.

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