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How Will You Transform Under This PINK Full Super Moon?

Today's Full Moon is known as the Pink Moon. Not so coincidentally, the Pink Moon is the first Full Moon of Spring. The title "Pink Moon" acknowledges the new life that is transforming the barren ground and branches into a symphony of color all around us.

I spent the weekend pushing seeds into the soil of my garden. It always feels so funny pushing them down in the Earth and covering them up. I always have a moment where I wonder, "will it really work? Will they really be able to make their way through to the light?" And yet, this is a necessary part of the process... not just for the plants, but also for us. The darkness is a critical part of cracking us open, inspiring life, and encouraging a reach for the light. Truly, we are no different than the seed and, as we see the brilliant flowers rise to life in their fullest glory all around us, we are reminded that we too can trust in the power of transformation.

This Full Moon invites us to become acutely aware of what it is that is holding us back from making this happen. Full Moons are known for stirring up energy and resurfacing old wounds, which is a powerful invitation to work through whatever may be blocking the transformation that awaits. The question is... how do we sit with what shows up? Can we fully invite it to move all the way through and be be open enough for the transformation to occur?

In Mark Nepo's book, The Book of Awakening, he talks about salmon swimming up stream and how they "repeatedly bump into blocked pathways until they find where the current is strongest', where the flow of water is not blocked. The salmon know that, although it is the hardest way against the most rushing flow of water, it is also the only way that is clear of obstacles. He likens this to the rush of truth that often sweeps us off our feet, often in the form of a strong emotion. It can be tempting to avoid the rush of sensation, the difficulty it presents, but the truth is that is the way of transformation. We must be willing to move our whole body through, shedding what is ready to go in the process. This is how we shoot through to the light and open into our fullest expression of color, unfolding our petals into full bloom under the light of this Full Moon.


This is a wonderful time to engage your senses and enliven the body with cooking. Take some time to make a dish where you saute onions, garlic, herbs, and spices. Notice the sensual experience of the flavors and scents deepening as they transform. Add colorful vegetables and appreciate the hues of each and what it brings to the dish. Allow this sensual experience to bring you more into the full experience of your body and what you are feeling.


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