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Invite Pink FULL Super Moon Energy

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Tonight is the first full moon of Spring. A super moon that is known as the pink moon, a name that was gifted this moon by native americans because of the pink flowers that began to bloom over the land each spring. After a long, gray winter, people were heartened by a revitalizing dose of beauty and joy by the pink flowers that signified rebirth and renewal.

The cycle of death and rebirth that we see throughout life is a reminder that life is a set of ups and downs — a cycle of hibernation and reawakening. Flowers may go away a while, but they always return. Each time they reappear, they are appreciated anew — a reminder that no matter how ugly life may get, beauty is always right around the corner.

As we sit in the ugly aspects of this pandemic, we can breathe with ease knowing that beauty and joy will return. If you look closely, maybe, is it already there? Perhaps the silver lining has begun to shine through. Maybe it has yet to show itself. Regardless, the cycles of nature show us that we can hold hope in our heart.

A teacher last week called out how this time is drawing us into our feminine field (which is part of both men and women). Most of the time, in our culture, we live in a masculine field — a fast-moving place of action and productivity. Home is a place where we hold feminine energy. It is slow and rhythmic. It is a place to stop and allow ourselves to feel. Collectively, we have all been called home. This is our time to stop and to feel. To tend to the feminine energy field within each of us. It is an opportunity to hit reset by unplugging and taking time to do clean-up work. Then, when it comes time to plug back in, we can do it with the greatest of intention.

While the sun is representative of the masculine, the moon holds the energy of the feminine. Use this full moon energy to even more greatly tap into your feminine energy field. Ask yourself “what is complete”, “what is no longer serving me”, “what is ready to be released?”

Invite the feminine energy of the moon — of the PINK FULL SUPER moon —let it help you to more clearly see the full things in you that are ready to be released to make space for the bright pink flowers preparing to bloom within you.

How can you facilitate this clearing? 1. Move with your breath. Here is a link to the Pink Super Moon yoga class delivered live last Sunday. Connect with your body, through breath, to tune into stored energy. With each exhale, clear space as needed.

2. Take an epsom salt bath. Use this quiet space to surrender into the warm water, inviting relaxation, increased circulation, and the detoxification effects to take place. Notice the answers to "what is complete" come to mind, then envision them seeping out of you and into the water to go down the drain.

3. Dig in the Earth (preferably, plant a beautiful flower)! As you touch the Earth with your hands, invite the cool, stabilizing qualities of the Earth in, then release that which is no longer serving you into the ground to decompose. Watch the decomposition of the energy return to beauty.


We ate this snack today in celebration of the pink full super moon. How pretty is this vibrant root vegetable!? Thinly sliced with a drizzle of lemon juice and a hearty sprinkle of salt is all that is needed to turn this spicy, pungent veggie into a snacking delight!

Upcoming Events

April 19th, 2020 - Virtual New Moon Yoga and Sound Bath 4:00-5:30pm

FREE (Zoom link: 806-442-6459)

May 3rd, 2020 - Virtual Full Moon Yoga and Sound Bath 4:00-5:30pm

FREE (Zoom link: 806-442-6459)

Join us for an hour of yoga designed to release unneeded holds, blockages, and emotional distress— rinsing your soul, just as the ocean’s high tide washes over the sand and rinses the beach of debris. The yoga class will be followed by a 30 minute extended savasana sound bath when Andrew Marshall will play crystal bowls to create an immersive experience, in which sound vibrations shift your awareness and state of being. You will walk away feeling complete relaxation, realignment, and reconfiguration.

September 17th-20th, 2020 - True Nature Retreat More info here (NOTE: Early bird registration has been extended to 5/31/20 to accommodate the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation)

Are you yearning to immerse yourself in the peace and harmony of nature? This three-night magical retreat will  connect you in a meaningful way with mother nature, drawing you more deeply into connection with your inner nature.​

We are more excited than ever for this retreat as it will likely come at the perfect time for all of us to immerse in community once again. It will be a time to reflect about the unique situation we all currently find ourselves in, both inwardly and in connection with others. We know that our time in nature together will provide a beautiful space to process and heal.

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful Oregon forest, next to a babbling creek, we will gather for meditation, yoga, guided forest bathing, crystal sound bowl healing, and fireside gatherings.

You will join with nature and connect in spirit with those around you, while still enjoying space to retreat and tend to the needs of your soul. ​Each day we will wake and gather for morning meditation and invigorating (yet suitable for all levels) yoga. Following breakfast, we will feed our spirit with nature! Moving through the forest in a meaningful way will allow you to fully absorb the magic and access a true state of inner harmony. Lunch will be a collective effort with the guidance of Katrina, a passionate Nutritionist and food-lover. Afternoons will be open for you to nourish yourself with whatever appeals to you. Hiking, enjoying the creek's swimming hole, visiting with friends, relaxing in the hot tub, reading in a hammock... all options in this lovely setting. Late afternoon, we will gather for restorative yoga and sound bath, followed by dinner. Before heading to bed, we will circle around the fire to reflect and enjoy.

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