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It’s All in Your Gut... Or Is It?

There is so much we have learned about our microbiome in recent history and, frankly, a lot of new ground still to cover.

We know that honing in on the gut situation is critical. Afterall, as it informs much of the way we move through this world. From our immune system to our metabolism to effects on neurobehavior, our gut health impacts us on many levels and, certainly, deserves our attention.

I've spent a lot of time, over the years, helping people to establish better gut health and this work has had great impact. However, with my recent foray into hypnotherapy and energy healing, I have started to contemplate if we should be exploring beyond the gut and looking into what might energetically be influencing what is manifesting in the gut.

We know specific things that definitely impact microbiome... antibiotics, birth-delivery type, diet, genetics, medications, and more can play a significant role in gut health. But, when we expand beyond the tangible, we are also able to see the effects of trauma, stress, and toxic relationships (with others or self) on gut health.

In short, over and over, I have seen gut health be a direct manifestation of what is energetically occuring (or has occured) in somebody's life.

We limit treatment to the tangible things we know and miss a hugely helpful piece of the puzzle.

Exploring these energetic components gives us the full picture and allows a truer form of healing to take place. Rather than just "fixing" the issue with external aids, we invite healing from within, creating an integrated approach that provides more space for lasting resolution without continued reliance on an external aid.

Working with both the physical and the energetic layers helps to unlock the medicine that resides within each of us. It sits in the painful experiences we have locked away in our body, in the daily patterns that we habitually move through despite a yearning to stop, and in limiting beliefs that unconsciously guide the way.

The situation in the gut can inform a lot of what is happening with our broader physical health, but exploring what is energetically manifesting to create that situation in the gut can go a long way in finding long term, and more integrated healing, in the body.

The symptoms in your gut are not something to simply be "fixed", they are sacred pointers to deeper layers yearning to be acknowledged and healed.

Are you ready to dig deeper?

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