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Never Let The Highs Get Too High...

"Never let the highs get too high or the lows get too low" is a saying that has irked me for years. Sure, it's appealing... the idea that if we try hard enough to sustain balance, everything will remain in control and all will be well.

But, life shows us otherwise.

Nothing is permanent in this life of ours. Everything opens and closes, begins and ends, rises and falls. We are here for the ride and there is no stopping the situations that bring us our greatest joys and thrills, or the parts of life that bring us to our knees.

Embracing the highs and lows is truly what we must do if we are to embrace all of life.

We truly must embrace the highs and lows, giving each the space to be what it is for the time it is, which is never forever.

Nature shows us again and again that though we may fall, we rise again. And, that we will rise to our greatest heights, but it will not last forever. Knowing this, we must take those highs and relish in them.

This is the gift of the Summer Solstice.

For a moment, the sun stands still. At its peek, shining in its full splendor, reminding us that the high happens, but for a moment, and for that moment, it is ours to embrace.

The solstice is a time to pause and simply relish in the abundance of life. It is a moment of completion. For months, we have grown with the light... building, planting, growing, opening. Now we rest in the fullness, taking a moment of comfort and ease at the peak. We have arrived to the top. We have reached our fullest potency.

Now we pause in gratitude, embracing this high as fully as we possibly can.

Tomorrow, we release. Allowing the high to unwind, with trust that in order to rise again, we must let go.

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