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Scattering of Seeds

Regardless of what we each have going on in our lives and with our bodies, an area of focus that is always beneficial is our connection with rhythm.

How do we move through each day? Each month? Each year?

Rhythm is a key part of every part of nature, us included. Our connection with rhythm is one of the key foundations of health. It impacts our sleep, hormones, eating cycles, metabolism, energy, motivation/purpose, and so much more.

For so long, I was really zoomed into my daily and monthly rhythm, then one of my teacher's pointed to a resource for connecting with the rhythm of each year.

Like any rhythm, there is a distinct beginning and ending and an unfolding in the spaces between. When we tune into each part of the rhythm, we are able to bring a level of consciousness to the table that otherwise may go missing and we are able to guide our lives with much greater intention.

This resource that my teacher passed on to me is a book called The Book of Houses. It helps you discover your specific cycle through each year with dates (created from your astrological birth chart) that align you with the best time to connect with inspiration for what is to come, the most apt time to build and create, and your greatest time to flourish then reset.

For me, outlining these dates and connecting with them, reminds me to keep moving through the phases and to be conscious about what it is I am doing with my precious time and energy. When I first began to use this book, I reflected on years past and realized that I had been moving through these stages, at the times the book described, but in more of a loose way-- similar to the way a garden fills with volunteer plants if left untended. I was creating and moving through the cycle, but with much less structure for my intentions and certainly not in alignment with my best timing.

I just finished my harvest time, which coincided perfectly with tying up my first international retreat and receiving my certification for Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. I am now in the phase of seed selection, many of which are being directly cultivated from what has recently bloomed in my life.

I am excited to share more as I carefully make my selection and scatter them on the wind.


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