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The Nutrition Advice I Share Most Often...

Eat With The Sun, Sleep With The Moon.

Most people think it is going to involve vegetables, but the reality is that the number one thing I see that can create the most effective shift in somebody's health and connection with food is to establish a rhythm of eating that is tuned with nature.

Every being in nature functions with a rhythm. As humans, we are not separate from that. On a daily basis, our bodies do their best to correlate with the circadian rhythm of day/night. Stepping outside of that, most people will experience unpleasant effects. Just think of how off you can feel from a flight to a slightly different time zone.

Knowing that this is foundational to the human body, we can benefit from letting it inform our relationship with food.

When we eat with the Sun, we eat in a way that supports our energy use. By beginning our eating with the rising sun, eating the most when the sun is at its peak, then lessening intake as it sets, we are eating also eating in alignment with our inner digestive fire and creating space at night for the body to rest restore in the quiet of the Moon.

This way of eating is often in direct conflict with our cultural rhythm, which typically includes eating a light breakfast (or skipping it altogether), maybe having slightly more for lunch, then making up for it all by eating the most into the evening and beyond. This cultural rhythm is opposite the rest of our physical rhythms (think sleep, hormones, etc) that coordinate with the light/night cycle and, therefore, sets us up for imbalance.

So... if you find yourself ravenous in the evening or wanting to snack late into the night, try shifting your food consumption to earlier in the day. Many people think this will make them overeat, but the truth is that most people end up noticing that they are simply less hungry in the evening. Bonus! This usually makes people sleep better, too!

Simply begin by bringing a conscious awareness to your daily rhythm. To which rhythm is your body attuned-- one that aligns with nature or one that has been learned over time?

With the guidance of the sun and the moon, tune into the rhythm of eating that feels most true to you.

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