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The Root of Gratitude

The word gratitude gets thrown around a lot. We are told how important it is to express it regularly and find it in everything. It is important and a meaningful element of healthy living when rooted in the truth.

From a place of truth, reality becomes a doorway to our unhealed emotions and patterns that are determined to keep knocking until they are granted permission to be seen.

The practice of meditation offers us a key to that door. By learning to not only welcome, but also sit with each moment that life brings, we surrender our ego and open to the truth. Not the truth that has been conveniently washed of the hard stuff, but the truth that connects us with the fullness of life.

Being willing to connect with the fullness of life brings us to a state of wholeness. From this place, we can remember that we each are one whole being and part of this one whole universe.

This Thanksgiving day, let us open our hearts to the whole truth with a willingness to sit with all the bits and pieces of who we are and what life has held. It is from this place that we are most able to root into each beautiful, life-giving moment and tap into true abundance.

Here is one of my favorite meditations, by Tara Brach, to the open heart in gratitude. Perhaps it is something you will enjoy this week as we celebrate abundance and gratitude.



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