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The Truth About Change

The new year drops us into contemplation about intention.

It is a marker in time that harkens beginning anew.

We ask ourselves things like:

"What do I want to accomplish this year?"

"What will I do to manifest my desires?"

"How can I incorporate change to evolve and align with my greater purpose?"

We tend to focus a lot on what to do to affect this change.

But Winter is just beginning. One glance around shows us that this is not a time for doing. This is a time for deep rest. For gathering the nourishment required for something real to happen and for it to last.

One step before change is the inspiration for change.

Being extra clear on the why and meaning of the desired change allows for a much more inspired shift into the actual change itself.

Inspiration brings fuel and nourishment to evolve instead of revolve.

If we jump into the doing first, we often miss the clarity for:

- What it is I am actually changing.

- The real and tangible things that I can do to make this change happen.

- Understanding and preparing for the broader effects of this change.

Real change can be uncomfortable. It is moving into the unfamiliar and allowing the discomfort with acceptance.

Clarity and preparation are the fuel to help us continue when the discomfort makes us want to return to the place we started, revolving in a circle instead of evolving forward.

The new path is walked with greater ease when it is chosen with care and adequate prep.

My job is to help you return to this clarity and to align with your deeper knowing of what is best for you, so you can fully leap into the possibility that exists with true change.

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