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Vision of Health

Can you imagine yourself at your healthiest? Most of us have a vision of what being our "healthiest" looks like, but is it grounded in the right thing?

The vision might be created from some version of a past self from a time in life that will never exist again. It may be made entirely from images of somebody else's reality that will never be your own.

This photo was taken during a time in my life when I was regularly told how "good" I looked. It felt good to be told that, but it was completely out of alignment with how I felt. The traumatic period I was going through that prevented me from caring for my body by eating enough did not at all align with the praise I was receiving for my perceived "health" due to thinness.

After my health (and weight) returned, I noticed the inclination to want to return to my "thinner" state. The ego, in all her power, happy to trade the feeling of internal health for external glory. Luckily, my awareness kept me grounded and allowed me to tune into the alignment that I really needed; an alignment that would draw clarity around what a healthy version of myself really looked like.

While it may be easier to conjure up past versions of ourselves, the invitation for envisioning our healthiest self is truly to use our imagination. There is no need to return to something we once were... What we need to is to imagine the best version of who we have yet to become.

This vision of ourselves has no dependence on how "good" we externally look or some number on a scale or a size of a pair of pants. The vision we hold of our most healthy self must be one that is aligned with our deepest wisdom, grounded in a loving and harmonious relationship with the body.

Today Libra's New Moon offers energy that is very harmonizing for relationships. It is a good day to consider how committed we are to nurturing a graceful and gentle relationship with our body, a relationship that allows for our body to evolve and continue to become rather to remain attached to a figure from the past.

What is your vision of health? Who are you becoming?

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