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Your Body Is Not a Machine

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

How often have you heard the body compared to a car or referred to as a machine? We compare food to fuel and body parts to mechanical elements that breakdown over time.

The problem with this comparison is that, unlike a car, our bodies are living, breathing parts of nature.

We have a symbiotic relationship with the world around us and our ever-fluctuating health is highly dependent on those factors. Comparing the body to something that is manmade is over-simplifying the cyclical and ever-evolving nature of the body. Our health is more nuanced and capable of becoming better than an object that begins a linear path of decline the moment it leaves the factory.

What is a better comparison for the body? The body can more accurately be compared to a garden.

Like a garden, we are dependent on the cycles of nature. Each breath, moon cycle, and season inviting growth and release. A garden's soil, like our gut's microbiome, must be rich with diverse and abundant life. Both must be regularly hydrated and allow for proper drainage. Growth must be supported and nurtured. When caring for a garden, we are consciously aware of, and then provide, whatever might be lacking.

A garden can become depleted and sick if the soil is not tended to or cycles of life are not respected. The same goes for our body. How well we nurture our body, just like how well we nurture a garden, will directly reflect in its ability to thrive.

6 Ways to Tend to Your Body Garden

1) Is there something new to plant?

2) Can you replenish any nutrients that have been depleted?

3) Are you in need of some energetic sunshine to nurture your spirit?

4) Is there old growth that has died away and needs to be cleared?

5) Do you need pollination or fertilization in the form of supportive supplementation?

6) Do you need a rest under the cover crop of a weighted blanket?

7) Does a crop need rotated to refresh the energy of its environment?

Consider these questions and how they apply to your body.
How will you tend to your garden today?

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